Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How I (accidentally) gave myself a nut bashing

So I'm not sure if you're even remotely interested in hearing about stuff from your author, but here it goes any way.

This is more of an explanation than anything else about sitting on your nuts.

If you're like me, whenever you hear about people somehow sitting on their balls one of the first things that comes to mind is "how the fuck did they manage to do that?". It really didn't make any sense to me as to how they'd end up in a position like that. Well I found out the hard way...

So I've been travelling a lot lately and I was a little sweaty downstairs. My balls were stretched a little from their normal resting place and were stuck to my thigh during this long haul flight. Anyways, I got up to use the bathroom and when I get there the first thing I do is drop by jeans and boxers to let the air flow through. I noticed my jewels attached to my leg so like any guy when he discovers this predicament I peeled them off. I turned around to sit on the toilet seat and that's when it happened...

Bear in mind I wasn't really paying attention so from my perspective it was sort of just *sit down... "ow my fucking balls!"; but what happened is as I sat myself onto my seat my nuts had landed as they normally do onto the lid in front of me, but because they were slightly stretched and staying close to my right leg as they'd spent several hours stuck to it and in that position, they did not land straight in front. Instead they flopped to my right, just as my leg came bearing down on the same spot.

I instantly lurched forward in agonizing pain as I felt my nuggets get squished under the weight of my leg and head butted the toilet door in front of me. After finishing my business I limped back to my seat where I sat in pain as my boys spent the rest of the flight aching....

Anyway dudes out there, beware of stretched balls..


  1. Oooooooh, that sounds painful... I hope your balls have recovered by now! :-))

  2. A ballbusting contest would be great....

    I was wearing a midi-skirts, which came up to the mid-calf. I was wearing a design that flares out slightly starting at the waist. The skirt had pleats and a halter style top. I was wearing my platform shoes up to 4 inches. My shoes had a closed-toe designs.

    “I will leave a mark on those eggs”, I chuckled and took a step back, staring at a fat boy being held by my friends. He shifted uncomfortably.

    “Spread your legs”, Eugenia, my friend, grinned. “Let have her a nice aim at your nuts…”

    The fat boy hesitated. Then my friends opened his legs by kicking each one.

    “Okay, go for it!” Roberta, my friend shouted.

    “Break his balls!” Jorgelina shouted.

    Paula stood behind him and grabbed the waistband of the fat boy short.

    I clapped my hands and said, “On my marks.”



    I kicked the fat boy so hard that I lifted him off his feet with my well-placed kick, filling the bar with the dull thuds of my wooden bootie connecting with the fat boy's junk.

    The fat boy moaned loudly and grabbed his junk.

    “Good kick”, the barwoman said. “you have won a free drink...”
    I smiled with satisfaction as the boy was crying holding his damaged nuts. I winked at him and lifted my right leg boot, granting him a nice, full view of my letal weapon.

    The fat boy was trembling, tears streaming from his eyes. He knew he had to be rude if he want to win a free drink too.
    "Hmm...." the barwoman was thinkin “I think you lost...no free drink for you” she said to him.

    The fat boy's eyes shot open with anger and he screamed “You are going to pay for that kick...bitch!!!!”