Saturday, 30 October 2021

Update on The Blog

Hey dudes,

Just a note to say I've temporarily removed the Bullcock On The Subway series stories 3-5. To be completely honest the more I look back on these stories the less happy I am with them. However, Part 2 is still on the blog for reading as I reckon it's of decent quality.

If anyone would like to read the other parts feel free to email me via, but I'll otherwise be keeping them on unpublished until/if I get the time to rework them to something I find more satisfying.

P.s. stay tuned for some follow up to last year's Sports Centre Alone series, a sequel is currently under works though sadly without the input of last year's co-author punch_his_nuts who seems to have retired his online accounts (please come back man, I miss your awesome ideas!) A long work-in-progress is also (slowly) under development with another very talented ballbusting writer, however any potential completion date on that may be some time off due to the size of the project- I'll be sure to keep you all updated!

As always feel free to reach out to me via email or my Instagram ombstories4real if you wanna share feedback or story ideas.

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Shouldn't Have Said That


Inspiration for Darren 'Dazza'

Thought I'd write this because frankly, there aren't enough Australian BB stories out there...


Muggupin's a quiet place, so far north that it doesn't really experience summer or winter, just the wet and dry seasons. Surrounded by crocodile infested rivers and seemingly endless cane fields there's not a great deal to do here except for get drunk at one of the town's many watering holes (just over 800 people call this little town home, but there's 10 pubs... go figure). It's the kind of town where men do hard back-breaking work in sweltering conditions all day long and habitually retreat for a beer or two (or ten) after knock-off time to relax. 

It's not uncommon for the young men of Muggupin to turn these drinking outings into wild nights of revelry full of outlandish bets and dares, and generally unruly behaviour. But as with many of the more entertaining stories that would be passed down through the ages as part of Muggupin's pub lore, the events of this story took place on a very different kind of night.

It all took place a couple of years ago in November, just after the start of the wet season. It was a stinking hot night in this small part of the great expanse that is Northern Australia. The mercury had just dipped to 33°C as the sun slipped beneath the horizon and the sound of cicadas filled the mid-evening air. Moisture clung to more or less everything, the humidity making breathing like inhaling through a damp cloth, sweat sticking to the skin as people shuffled home from work. 

Dark clouds were gathering in the sky as Tropical Storm Clarence prepared to smash the tablelands after making its way inland from the coast, the occasional bolt of lightning striking down somewhere over the cane fields as the weather forecast on the radio kept reminding people to prepare for strong winds overnight. 

Muggupin's population were, mostly, at home that evening due to the incoming storm, leaving the town's pubs unseasonably quiet. At The Bushman's Roadhouse, on the outskirts of town, 29 year old chippy Darren 'Dazza' Browning was nursing a schooner with his mates Kyle and Robert 'Robbo' in the backroom. 

About 6 feet tall, with well-proportioned muscles, three day-old stubble, and a brooding albeit slightly aged face, Dazza was a pretty handsome bloke, by Muggupin's standards anyway. Dressed in standard tradie gear, Dazza was still in his workboots and tan shorts from his day on the site, a grey singlet hugged his bulky chest partially covered by an unbuttoned navy short-sleeve shirt he'd chucked on on his way out the door in case the boys decided to hit up the RSL for some pokies later in the night (the RSL had a strict shoulders-covered dress code for blokes, making it about the fanciest place in town). 

The backroom was a dimly lit space behind the main bar with a few stools, a pool table, a broken down air hockey table that hadn't worked since the lads were boys, and a rarely stocked vending machine covered in a layer of thick dust. An overused playlist of 80s rock-n-roll played over the speakers fading in and out with the strength of the Optus signal as the guys talked and drank, occasionally breaking up the mediocrity with a quick round of pool. 

By 7.30pm the bar was practically deserted, a small group of old truckies sat talking in the main bar, the three lads were left alone in the backroom watching through the partially shuttered windows as the worsening storm slowly moved towards town over the fields. 

The guys had just finished another round of pool and were gathered round one of those tall bar-tables designed to accompany a set of stools, but the boys just stood moving the frankly uncomfortable stools to the side. Dazza had just unsuccessfully tried to start a pokies kitty with the guys, even going so far as to lay out $50 on the table to get it started, but Kyle and Robbo weren't feeling it.

They spent their time talking about Robbo's home life over what must have been their fifth round of beers. Things were tough for Robbo, he'd just become a dad for the second time, his on-again off-again girlfriend was always stressed and demanding more money, the kids were always screaming, and on top of all that his hours had just been cut at the mine. 

"But I'll tell you the worst thing, that step-brother of mine is driving me up the fucking wall." Robbo said, downing his lager.

Robbo was referring to his 19 year old step-bro Dom who was staying with him for a couple of weeks. Dom was a reclusive yet entitled and bratty teenager who lived with Robbo's dad and step-mum in Brisbane. The city kid was clearly not enjoying his time in the country and by all accounts had barely looked up from his phone the entire time he'd been up here. 

Having a break from the kid was finally giving Robbo the opportunity to speak freely about how miserable he was making his already stressful life. He complained about the boy's complete lack of respect for his authority, how he'd steal Robbo's beers from the fridge and not replace them, how he'd stay up to all hours loudly watching Netflix while the kids tried to sleep, how he never washed up after himself... it was all just too much to deal with and he couldn't wait for the weekend to roll round and send the kid back on the Greyhound bus four hours down the road to the nearest town with a decent sized airport, and then back down to Brissy hopefully not to be seen again for a very long time. 

Kyle had suggested staging a phony home invasion just to scare the shit out of the little faggot, and if it hadn't been for the fact that the kids and their mum was staying with him that week Robbo would've seriously considered it. The guys were in stitches thinking of all the fucked up things they could do to Dom, like tying him up in the back of Dazza's ute and taking him out to the river, convincing the little shit they were gonna feed him to the crocs.

"Ah fuck mate, you wouldn't just be joking about that if you saw his search history... creepy little fucker." Robbo joked while lighting up a cheeky durry, looking around to make sure no-one was there to catch him smoking indoors where he really shouldn't have been. 

"Why? What kinda shit's he into?" Dazza asked, an inquisitive smile etched into his handsome face as he leaned over the table. 

"Well... he left himself logged in to me iPad the other day..." Robbo said, between puffs of his ciggy "and the dirty fuck had been on all these porno sites."

"Woo hey, good lad" joked Kyle, giving Robbo a pat on the back as if he should be proud of his younger step-brother's internet history.

"Nah, nah, it wasn't normal shit though" Robbo continued

"They weren't even videos or pictures, it was like written porn" Robbo paused to laugh, as if the very idea of somebody *reading* porn was the most absurd thing he'd ever heard, and vindicated his perception of Dom as being some snobby little nerd. 

"But, here's the thing" he went on

"They were all about blokes getting their nurries fucked up!" 

The three guys took a moment to share a brief 'what the fuck' look before bursting with howling laughter. 

"Fuck man, that's too good" shouted Kyle as he clung to his sides.

"What a fucking weird cunt" Dazza added between laughs "shit man, why is you're family always doin the most fucked up shit?"

"Beats me" Robbo said, taking another puff from his cigarette.

"So wait, when you say fucked up... like getting kicked and stuff?" Dazza asked

"Yeah, kicked, squeezed, punched whatever, keeps on going until they cum" Robbo added, letting out a half-bemused, half-concerned sigh.

"Til they cum? Fuck off" Dazza said, "no way you'd cum after getting your cods fucking kicked"

"How about squeezed?" asked a female voice

The lads turned around a little startled to find Joy, the Filipino barmaid clearing a table behind them. 

"Fuck Joy, you about scared the shit outta me" said Dazza

"Ah don't mind me boys, just cleaning" she said "but Robbo, if I catch you smoking in here again, I'll kick you in the cods, and it won't be to see if I can make you cum- got it?"

"Got it" Robbo said, putting out his ciggy in his near empty schooner glass. 

"Oooh, she's got you told mate" Kyle joked, trying to get a rise out of his buddy. 

"Fuck off" Robbo retorted, jabbing his mate in the ribs. 

"So you really think you could get a guy to cum by squeezing him in the nuts, ay love?" asked Dazza, a bit pissed.

Joy kept on cleaning ignoring the clearly drunken antics of the guys.

"Oh come on love, come give my nuts a squeeze" Dazza yelled as he grabbed his crotch to thunderous laughter from his approving mates.

"Shouldn't have said that" Joy muttered under her breath.

"What's that love?" Dazza asked, a huge smirk on his handsome face

Joy turned around to face him "alright, Dazza, bring 'em here, I'll squeeze your nuts for you" she said

The smirk quickly disappeared from Dazza's face as she unexpectedly took up his joke offer.

"Oooh, get in there lad" joked Kyle as he gave Dazza a mocking pat on the back. 

"Nah, you're alright love, I'm only having a laugh" 

"Aw, afraid your weak balls can't handle it" teased Joy as she walked over to the guys' table

"Nah, I just don't think you can make me cum" 

"Oh really? Why don't you put it to the test if you're so sure"

Dazza looked at his mates with a half-suprised, half-quizzical expression. "So let me get this straight, you seriously think you can make me cum by squeezing my nads?" he asked in bemusement

"Yep, I'm pretty sure I can as a matter of fact" 

"Well come on Dazza, you gotta let a lady try" Robbo butted in, keen to add to his mate's clearly growing embarrassment at what he had halfway talked himself into.

" 'd be rude not to" added Kyle smiling mischievously as Dazza's face started to turn red

"And hey" said Robbo, snatching up the bank note Dazza had put down on the table when trying to talk the lads into playing the pokies "if you can wring some juice outta those lemons, you can keep this $50"

"Oh come on!" Dazza protested

"What are you so worried about big boy" Joy teased "you're not gonna lose that money because there's no way a girl with weak little hands like me could milk a big bull like you right?"

Dazza struggled to find the words to talk himself out of the preposterous situation he'd unwittingly talked himself into "well... well, if you're right, you get $50, but what do I get if you're wrong?"

"A sore set of nurries" Kyle deadpanned to snickering from Robbo, causing Dazza to shoot them both a death stare

"Ok, how about this" said Joy, reaching out her index finger to stroke Dazza's firm body over his singlet, starting from his his pecs and around his sternum, tantalisingly letting her finger work its way down his torso.

"I win, I get the $50..." she said as she grabbed a hold of the waist of Dazza's shorts, pulling the elastic forward just enough to expose the top of the neon yellow waistband of his TRADIE branded underwear. "And if you win, you can take me out back and fuck me senseless."

Dazza gulped as a bead of sweat rolled from his brow down the side of his face. 

Kyle and Robbo shared a mutual look of surprise at the aggressively sexual turn this was all taking. 

"So what'd you say, your nuts tough enough Dazza?" Joy asked the dumbstruck stud

"Okay... okay... so, if I don't cum after you squeeze my balls, you'll let me fuck you?" 

"Yep, that's the deal" 

"How long do you get?"

"10 minutes?"

"Oh come off it, I'm not letting you squeeze my balls for 10 fucking minutes"

"Ok, 5 then"

"Come on mate, you can survive five minutes!" Kyle barked, a shit-eating grin spread across his face

Dazza looked at his mates, then looked at Joy, the smoking hot Asian girl that the whole male population of Muggupin had lusted after ever since she'd arrived a decade ago. 

"Okay... five minutes, let's fucking do it." he said, a brief bout of confidence taking over as he removed his unbuttoned shirt, tossing it to the side.

"Great" smiled back Joy, reaching out for his shorts. 

Before Dazza could so much as blink, she'd unbuttoned and unzipped his fly and with one yank his shorts had tumbled down to his ankles, leaving him standing there in his black and yellow boxer briefs and his grey tank top. 

"Woah, woah, hold up a minute, aren't we gonna go to the dunny at least?" protested Dazza

"Oh come on, nobody's here anyway and this table's waist height so it's not like your mates can see anything" Joy responded. "Now, have either of you boy's got a timer"

Robbo breathlessly fumbled in his pockets for his phone, pulling it out onto the table with the timer screen ready to go.

"Alright Robbo, set it to five minutes and let's get this show on the road"

Robbo did as he was told, and placed the phone back down on the table.




Joy pulled forward the waistband of Dazza's boxer briefs and plunged her left hand to fish among his tackle searching for two of his three favourite possessions.

Her left hand gently grazed his limp dick before it found Dazza's right nut and immediately she clamped down hard, causing Dazza to groan at the sudden and abrupt pain.

His groaning only intensified when a second later her right hand found his left nut and gave it the same brutal treatment, squeezing down hard and flattening his ball as much as she could.

The dazed tradie suddenly stumbled forward as his knees slightly buckled and was forced to use both his hands to grasp onto the edge of the table, his knuckles turning white as he let out deep breaths and a series of deep, guttural groans.

"Woah, steady on there mate, 4 and half minutes still to go" Kyle shouted, he and Robbo clearly enjoying Dazza's scrunched up, exasperated face.

"How you goin there Dazza?" Joy asked, squeezing her thumbs down hard into both of his trapped balls.

"Unnnnghh.... fuck...." Dazza spat as his drew short, sharp breaths, his mind awash with pain

As he tried to ignore the pain and just keep breathing, Joy seemed only to be pushing her thumbs deeper and deeper into his nuts. 

He glanced at the phone on the table.



It had barely been a minute, and already he was pouring with sweat from every pore and was struggling to stay standing at the table. 'Fuck, this bitch has a tight grip' he thought to himself.

He tried to remind himself that all he needed to do was survive the next few minutes of pain and then he'd get to fuck her. 'Just keep going man, 3 and half minutes, do it for the pussy' he told himself.

Clearly unhappy at her rate of progress, Joy suddenly switched tactic, grabbing a hold of each nut and then viciously twisting it by his chords.

Dazza's eyes bulged, his abs tensed and his mouth formed the perfect 'o' shape as he let out a deep "OOOHHHH!!!!" at the sudden violent surge in pain he was feeling from his abused knackers.

Robbo covered his own crotch in sympathy, and Kyle winced as his mate looked like he was about to hurl.

Among all the confusing signals going off in his brain, Dazza was startled to feel the completely involuntary sensation of a twitch running down his flaccid dick.

He stared at the phone



Dazza took a sharp breath in and puffed his cheeks, his biceps starting to visibly tense as his upper arms took on more and more responsibility for keeping the flailing hunk standing. 

Joy was having a great time watching the way his various muscles tensed and squirmed under the pressure of the pain she was inflicting on him.

The best part about it were the sounds he was making, a constant stream of grunts and groans, a series of "oooh"s and "aaaah"s and the occasional "unnnghhh" that made it clear that she was owning his balls. 

"Come on mate, more than halfway there!" shouted Robbo encouragingly

Just then Dazza felt another completely involuntary twitch run down his shaft. He swallowed deeply as he desperately tried to get the idea out of his head that maybe things might not be going to plan.

Then it happened again. 

He blinked.



Dazza stared down at his crotch, and had to hold himself back from letting out a shriek at the sheer intensity of the work Joy's hands were putting into to beating up his manhood. The front of his boxer briefs were awash with movement around his junk, as if someone had placed two animatronic boxing gloves down there that were trying to punch their way out of the straining fabric. 

Joy was repeatedly squeezing and twisting his balls, taking the occasional break to plunge her thumbs deep into the meaty tissue. But it was at that moment she tried a new tactic, suddenly pancaking his balls together as if trying to flatten them into a single mould between the palms of her hands.

"ARRGHHHH!!!" Dazza yelled, throwing his head back as his neck muscles strained and bulged. 

Dazza was in a world of incredible pain, but more worryingly for him was the increasing twitching he felt from his cock. He gulped in surprise at the familiar but highly unwelcome sensation of his dick slowly starting to harden in his underwear.


Joy watched with glee as she began to notice something hard and pointy cause a bending of the fabric around the fly of Dazza's boxer briefs. She put all her efforts into pancaking his balls as hard together as she possibly could, squeezing and squeezing until she couldn't distinguish at all between leftie and rightie, and pushing together until she could comfortably fit his aching nards together in a single blob that fit inside her two closed hands clasped together. 

Right as she renewed her efforts to squeeze down on this condensed blob of ball-meat, she was rewarded when his rock-hard cock reached its full 8 inches and breached the fortress of his underwear, bursting out of his now gaping fly. 

Dazza could immediately tell what happened, and glanced down at his freed willy... "Fuck" was all he could mutter.



"Aw! Fucking hell mate, put it away!" Kyle yelled as his mate's dick continued to bob about and rise up pointing straight to the ceiling, its throbbing head visible above the table as it slapped against his stomach.

"Fuck, this cunt's actually getting off on this!" added Robbo with a mixture of disgust and intrigue.

Dazza tried futilely to find the words to protest the insinuation he was enjoying any of this, but all he could muster was a series of pitiful moans.

"Nnngghhhh!!!!!!" the big lad groaned as his nuts were ground to paste. 

If his knuckles had been white before, they were practically transparent now.

His biceps weren't just flexing, but full on vibrating, along with nearly every other muscle in his body. His legs were shaking, his knees buckling, and his chest heaving. 

He was absolutely saturated in sweat, his face completely drenched, his darkened singlet sticking to his torso like a paper towel on a wet surface. 

"Uuuhhh..... My..... Ballllllssssssss!!!" He shrieked in a higher than normal pitch, as he felt Joy return to twisting his nards, but this time, she upped the ante by twisting his ballchords themselves and letting his whole scrotum end up scrunching around his twisting and bulging nuts as if they were tying knots around them.

Kyle and Robbo looked on in shock as their hard-as-nails mate looked like he was about to either cry or vomit; either way, they didn't wanna have to deal with that. 



Grabbing a hold of Dazza's heavily abused and twisted balls in one hand, Joy reached her other hand up to the neck of his ballbag, and closed her hand around it tightly, lowering it until making contact with his trapped balls, and then continued pulling her closed hand down until she had forced both of his nuts to the very bottom of his scrotum, pressed white against the skin.

"Come on Dazza, just a few more seconds man" said Kyle, desperately willing on his friend to resist

With only a few seconds let on the clock, she clamped down with all her might on his two trapped balls and dug in with as many of her fingers as she could possibly fit.

Dazza's eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped open in what was initially a silent scream.


Dazza's entire body shook violently, his arse bouncing in his jocks, his legs practically spasming at this point as he desperately tried to focus on the phone in front of him.




The phone was covered in a thick wad of spunk that jetted out of the tip of his throbbing cock, jet after jet forced out of his battered and spent balls landing all over the table, a solid slug went flying into his half-empty beer glass mixing perfectly with what was left of the head, another batch sprayed across his soaked singlet covering his chest and stomach with his thick, salty seed.

He screamed and groaned his way through one of the biggest, but definitively most painful orgasms of his cocky, young life, slug after slug of cum being forcibly wrung out of him until not a drop was left. 

After nearly a full minute of ejaculation, Joy finally let go of his spent and withered balls, allowing him to collapse to the ground in a wreck. 

Looking down at her handiwork Joy couldn't help but feel overcome at a sense of some achievement. The strapping young lad was clutching his balls in agony as his usually proud and showy cock withered back into its flaccid state, hanging limply from his fly. As the clueless, dumb hunk eventually passed out from the pain while sprawled on the sticky floor, Joy turned to Robbo and Kyle snatching up the cum covered $50 note from the table and wiping it with a rag. 

"Well, that's a shame, I was really looking forward to that fuck" she said rather matter-of-fact giving both boys a seductive wink as she walked off. 

Robbo and Kyle didn't need to be told twice, and without so much as looking back to check on their passed out mate they followed Joy out the backdoor for what was bound to be the wildest threesome either of them had ever participated in.

A minute or two later as the storm really started to bare down, an agitated and weary Dom walked into the pub looking for his step-brother at the behest of the mother of his two kids who had become increasingly frustrated at how little her on-again off-again boyfriend was helping out at home.

Wandering into the backroom, Dom didn't find Robbo but he did find something he was much more interested in. Robbo's hot drinking buddy Dazza was just lying there covered in cum from head to toe, passed out stripped down to his underwear. 

There was no-one else around, and the howling winds that were picking up outside made it virtually impossible to hear anything over them. 

'I really shouldn't' Dom thought to himself as he hooked his arms under the passed out stud's underarms and dragged him to the toilets.

And it would be there, lying on the cold-tile floor of the men's room in a crappy bush pub that Darren 'Dazza' Browning's night really began to go downhill, but that's a story for another time...

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Sausage Fest


Just a fun little slapstick story...


Tom awoke with a throbbing headache, light was filtering through the shuttered blinds as the birds chirped loudly outside. The 19 year old groaned as the memories of last night came flooding back to him. He remembered starting the night out at a few bars with his mates before hitting up a nightclub and getting totally wasted on cheap beer and whisky. The lads had been having a great night, and were each set to score with some hot chicks... that's until Tom ruined it all by throwing up in front of a bouncer. Things were a bit hazy from there, but Tom remembered being thrown out, and how his buddy Cody had picked an argument with the bouncer and in turn gotten the rest of the lads thrown out. He vaguely recalled the Uber ride home with his three severely pissed off bros, and that was really the last thing he could remember.

It was 10 a.m. and Tom could slowly hear the rest of the house coming to life around him. The guys were staying at Ryan's parents' holiday home near the beach while they were away on a trip to Europe. Ryan had been hoping to have a lads' week at the villa ever since the four became dorm buddies in freshman year; and after over a year of pressure his parents finally let him have it so long as the boys looked after the family dog Wilson while they were there.

Just as Tom began to smell the faint scent of breakfast cooking from downstairs, his bedroom door swung open and his buddy Ryan marched in dramatically opening the blinds allowing light to flood the room. 
"Rise and shine man!" he proclaimed, as Tom groggily blinked at the sudden brightness. 
"5 more minutes dude..." Tom replied wearily.
"Nah, come on bro, it's the last day! And breakfast is nearly ready." 
"Alright, alright; I'll be down in a sec" 
Ryan just stood there waiting like an impatient mother, steadily tapping his foot as Tom slowly pulled back the sheets and climbed out of bed.
Tom stood up straight and began to let out a massive yawn, his arms outstretched behind his head, when suddenly *THWAP*
Ryan's fist struck out like a cobra smacking him in his ample bulge that was covered only by the thin cotton fabric of his blue and pink flamingo boxers. 
"Dude.... my nuts..." Tom groaned, doubling over as Ryan gave him a hearty pat on the back
"That's for last night bro" he laughed "come on, you can't expect to cockblock literally the whole crew and not expect a nut tap the next day"
"Yep... fair's fair" croaked Tom, eyeing the bulge concealed in Ryan's plain white boxers mischievously. Catching the glint in his doubled-over friend's eyes, Ryan expertly clutched his nads protectively "nice try man, but you're not catching me off guard today" he grinned. "Come on, let's get downstairs, breakfast must be about ready"

With a helping hand from Ryan, Tom limped down the stairs to the open living and kitchen part of the house. 
Like he and Ryan, Tom's other two dorm bros were also still in their boxers; something the guys had grown accustomed to over the past year of dorm-sharing. Cody lounged on the sofa in his plaid pair, absentmindedly patting Wilson; while Dwayne was wearing a grey set in the kitchen as he pan fried the guys' last remaining food - four sausages he'd found in the fridge. 

"Ayy.. the cockblock is up" said Cody sarcastically. 
"Don't worry man, Ryan already tapped me in the sack" responded Tom gingerly, still rubbing his balls.
"Good! I swear I got blue balls cause of you man..." Cody replied, clearly still annoyed by the events of the previous night.
"Well then, maybe it's about time you learned to jerk off" joked Dwayne
"Sorry, some of us prefer pussy to our right hand" shot back Cody
"Well you should try your left one then" Dwayne replied wittily, making Ryan and Tom grin.

"Say... I was pretty drunk last night" said Ryan, flopping down on the couch next to Cody "but I swear Tom actually only got himself chucked out" 
"Yeah... I seem to recall that too" said Dwayne, looking at Cody
"Hmm.. I think that's right, didn't someone start a fight with the bouncer. You wouldn't remember who that was Cody, would you?" asked Tom 
Suddenly the three guys were all staring pretty intently at the still clearly hungover Cody
"Yeah... well... like... yeah, I spoke to him, but like... that was only because he was throwing Tom out and... and I..." Cody suddenly started rambling defensively
"and you decided to escalate that into a full on argument and got us all kicked out" Ryan jumped in, finishing his sentence for him
"No... it wasn't.. I was just sticking up for...."

Ryan suddenly raised his fist high in the air and sent it flying down in between his friend's parted legs.
"OOOOOFTT... FUCK!!" Cody cried reeling from the sudden assault on his gonads
"Sorry man, if Tom deserved a tap so did you" Ryan chuckled, giving Cody a friendly pat on the back much as he'd given Tom. 
Ryan was clearly a bit hungover too, as was evident from his wearing of heart-eye novelty sunglasses from the night before, but his aim was as accurate as ever; Cody spent the better part of the next five minutes crouched over in the foetal position before starting to properly recover.

"Alright ladies" shouted Dwayne from the kitchen, "breakfast's ready"
"There's only one clean plate left" he said, gesturing at the massive pile of dishes by the sink the guys had been building up since the day they arrived "so we're gonna have to share"
Dwayne brought the plate of sausages into the living room, one for each of the guys; nothing substantial but enough to make do until they stopped at some fast food place on the drive home this afternoon. 

Tom made his way over to the couch, gesturing for Ryan to move over so he could sit down, Dwayne meanwhile clambered onto the sofa's backrest and began flicking through the channels on the old TV.
With no clean cutlery, the lads had to simply pass the plate around taking turns snatching their piece of meat and quickly gobbling it up. The lads were all huddled quite closely together, ignoring the stale smell of sweat and alcohol that had filled the air as they talked and joked.

By the time the plate made its way to Tom, the rest of the guys had already eaten, and Ryan's dog had noticed the smell of tasty food emanating from their direction. 
The dog leapt up onto Cody, sniffing at the plate Tom was holding. 
"Damn, sorry boy, I gotta eat" said Tom, holding the plate a little higher to put the treat carefully out of the dog's reach. 
Wilson shuffled closer again, hopping his front legs over Cody, prompting Cody to try and hold him in place, but it was no use.
When Tom tried to hold the plate up higher than the dog could reach things suddenly went pear-shaped.

Wilson leapt up onto the couch, his hind legs landing right onto Cody's crotch.
"OOWWWWwww"" squeaked Cody, as the canine's left leg dug into his right nut, and his right leg dug into his left nut. 
The dog's front legs were up in the air, clinging to Tom's arm as he held the plate aloft, but Tom wasn't paying much attention to Wilson. Like Ryan and Dwayne, he was pissing himself laughing at the sounds coming from Cody as his face scrunched up and his abs tensed.
A low, guttural series of "oohs" and "aahs" made it clear the dog was applying all its weight directly onto Cody's crown jewels.

Lost in laughter, Tom didn't notice that his arm was being dragged down by the dog's heavy front legs, nor did he notice that the plate was shaking in his grip.
Suddenly, the sausage went tumbling and rolled off the plate comically smacking Ryan right in the face.

Tom and Dwayne smirked as the sausage tumbled down Ryan's torso and landed right on his crotch. Watching the meat closely, Wilson let go of Tom's arm and lunged forward to snatch the treat resting on top of Ryan's ample bulge.

Without stepping his hind legs off of Cody's nuts, the dog's front legs had managed to land squarely onto Tom's balls causing him to drop the empty plate and let out a surprised yelp. A fraction of a second later, Ryan's sunglass covered eyes widened in shock and his cocky smile faded as his dog's jaws locked not only on the meat sausage that had landed on his boxers, but also on his precious cock and balls that lied beneath.

Dwayne laughed hysterically as Tom and Ryan's mouths simultaneously formed perfect 'o' shapes as the two boys lurched over burying their hands into their crotches. 
"MY BALLLSSSS...." they groaned in unison. 

Ryan started sweating profusely, his face turning beet red as Wilson munched inadvertently on both his fuckstick and his nards. "FUCK!!" he yelled as he tried desperately to free himself from this ridiculous situation.

Though not in quite as much immediate life-altering danger as their buddy, Tom and Cody weren't faring much better, both panting and wincing letting out a series of "oooh"s and "ahhh"s as their beloved nuts were crushed under the weight of the dog's legs.

A particularly frantic Tom shrieked when one of Wilson's paws slipped temporarily doubling the pressure on his trapped left nut, flattening it to within millimeters of breaking point. He sat bolt upright, throwing his head back as he let out a bloodcurdling squeal of agony inadvertently sending the back of his head flying straight into Dwayne's unguarded groin.

Dwayne was unprepared for the blow, and toppled off the back of the couch as his nuts were knocked upwards into his pelvis. The lanky teen let out a howl as he landed stomach-side down on the floor, his cock and balls crushed between the hard floor and his pelvis. 

The room filled with the various moans and groans of all four guys as their nuts were squished, stomped and chewed, and the brutal assault continued for several more minutes though for Ryan, Tom, and Cody it felt like hours.

Every muscle in Ryan's body was tensing as wave after wave of pain coursed through his body, the sausage was long gong but the ravenous dog was clearly still enjoying the taste left on his boxers by the meat juices. Suddenly Ryan's body froze as a sickening tearing sound echoed around the room.

He looked down at his junk fearing the worst, but was almost relieved to see that Wilson had in fact torn a massive chunk of his boxer shorts loose, nearly ripping the front off them. Wilson yanked again at the fabric of Ryan's underwear, the force pulling him off of the couch before his boxers were ripped clean off and Wilson ran away with his prize, presumably to tear it to shreds in the backyard.

Tom and Cody suddenly collapsed onto the floor clutching their battered manhoods as the pressure of the dog's legs finally lifted; the four guys let out a final, defeated groan as they soothed their sacks. 


Half an hour later and Dwayne, Tom, and Cody had recovered sufficiently to drag the naked, nearly senseless Ryan off to one of the rooms upstairs to recuperate from the particularly extreme assault to his gonads.

The three were standing in the kitchen still in their boxers, absentmindedly cupping their balls as they tried to mentally process the cartoonish sequence of events that had just unfolded.

"Dude, how are even gonna explain this?" asked Cody as he opened the fridge searching for a soda
"We're not" replied Tom, "there's no way I'm letting a rumour spread around campus that my balls got pwned by Ryan's fucking dog man - my reputation couldn't survive it!"
"Hey Dwayne, want a Sprite?" Cody asked returning from the fridge.
"Sure" Dwayne said as Cody chucked him an unopened can.
Cody winked at Tom as the pair watched Dwayne open his soda.
Suddenly, the drink exploded everywhere spraying the guys and the surrounding kitchen with fizzed-up Sprite and Cody howled with laughter at his successful prank.

"Very funny..." mused Dwayne as he stared down at his soaked underwear, "but I guess you weren't expecting it to be that strong" he noted gesturing at the massive spray patterns that had soaked through the front of Cody and Tom's boxers too.
"Yeah... hahaha" Cody replied "guess I shook that thing one too many times"

The lads laughed as they horsed around and started to mop up the kitchen when they heard the flap of Wilson's doggy door from behind them. The guys looked at each other nervously, and turned around to see the dog looking straight at them, his nose sniffing the air.

Dwayne gulped, and looked at Cody's sugar and corn syrup covered crotch. 
Cody gulped, and looked at Tom's sugar and corn syrup covered crotch. 
Tom gulped, and looked at Dwayne's sugar and corn syrup covered crotch.
The guys looked at the dog.
The dog looked at them, and then leapt in their direction.

"Ah shit" someone mumbled....

From upstairs a groggy Ryan heard a series of screams, wails, and crashing sounds from elsewhere in the house and even though he was still in extraordinary pain himself he couldn't help but grin as he heard the familiar sound of his mate's cocks and balls being mangled, twisted and chewed before one after the other there was a quick but loud ripping and tearing sound heard. 

"Damn, I sure hope that was just their boxers" Ryan mumbled before he fell back asleep.

Monday, 25 January 2021

Sports Centre Alone: A Nut-Cracking Comedy Collab! - PART THREE


This is the final chapter of the comedy nutshot collaboration I completed with Punch His Nuts, if you haven't already read part one you can find it here, and Part 2 is here


"So what now big bro?" asked Dylan, a beaming smile across his face. Alex was so proud of how his younger brother had handled himself that night. Together, the two teenagers had beaten three older, tougher mean jocks who had planned to destroy their soccer team's equipment. The older studs were all lying passed out in a state of incapacitation across the sports centre after having each fallen for not just one but two of the boys' ball-busting traps. 

"Well kiddo" said Alex "I think it's about time we got you home. It's 11.30; you wouldn't want mum to get pissed off at us for being out after midnight would you?"
"But Alex..." Dylan complained "what if they haven't learnt their lesson yet? Maybe we need to bust them one more time?" 
"Listen buddy, the one thing I still haven't taught you about these big dumb jocks is that you don't always have to actively try and hurt them to get their nards into trouble" said Alex reassuringly "think about it! Have any of these dudes showed a high level of intellectual capacity tonight?"
"Huh, I guess not" replied Dylan, though clearly still a little disappointed that his introduction to practical nut-crunching lesson was being cut short.
Alex scratched his head in thought for a moment before coming up with something to satisfy his little bro "hey, didn't you say you could hack in to any cctv system? Wasn't that something one of your hacker friends showed you?"
"Yeah, I can do that; why?"
"Well.. if we leave now we can walk home in 10 minutes. If you hack into the system from home maybe we can have a look and see if these guys get up to anything else while we're gone?"
"Ok deal!". 

With Dylan pacified by their agreement, he and his older brother set off throughout the sports centre collecting the older lads' gym bags and putting them back into the locker room, a carefully crafted maneuver to make any story they might tell later about two youngsters stealing their bags and luring them into traps seem ridiculous.

"Ok bud, final step to make sure we don't see these dickheads at practice again anytime soon" said Alex as he slipped the guys' phones back into their bags, left with a series of carefully coordinated messages in a group chat between the three to make it seem as if they had planned to damage the sport centre's property, having earlier had the opportunity to use the passed out trio's thumb prints to unlock them. "Did you remember to make the spelling and grammar really shit so it would be believable?" asked Dylan, a slight mocking tone in his voice. "Yep" smiled Alex with a knowing nod. With their plan now complete, the two boys headed off home, making sure to trip the silent alarm on their way out of the front door...


Barely 10 minutes later, a groggy Brad slowly started to regain consciousness. "My balls..." he groaned meekly as he clambered to his feet. Dazed and confused, the 21 year old stud began wandering the halls of the complex muttering under his breath "where are those cunts... gonna fucking beat the shit out of them."

On the other side of the complex, Brad's younger jock brother Aaron was also slowly waking up. He clutched his battered goody-bag as his sight began to come back into focus. The naked high school senior groaned as he slowly sat up on the large air mattress he'd passed out on, resting his hands on his muscly thighs. "I'm gonna murder those little shits!" he seethed as he stood up. 

Meanwhile in between where the two jock bros were finding their way to their feet, Brad's dorm buddy Mike, the handsome 20 year old hockey player was also regaining consciousness on the floor of the squash court. Unlike his two mates, Mike had no time to think about revenge. His thick, meaty cock was still trapped in the jaws of one of Dylan's carefully placed mousetraps. His body spasmed as the pain flooded back into him as his nerves began to wake up yet again from a pain induced slumber. He was in such intense agony that all his muscles had seized up completely. It seemed ironic that despite all the time he'd spent at the gym he now couldn't even move his arms the short few inches they needed to travel to free his precious fuckstick from the trap that clung to it so viscously. All he could manage was to let out a short high pitched "eek" as another spasm of pain took control...

At home, Alex and Dylan had sat down in front of Alex's gaming PC in his bedroom as Dylan went to work hacking into the CCTV system. "There we go" he said as he finally got the stream live. "Look at the time Alex, 11.45; I wonder if they'll actually be able to hurt themselves in just 15 minutes before the  CCTV feed wipes itself clean at midnight?" "Oh you'd be surprised" smirked Alex reassuringly as the boys spied Brad limping down the hall towards the squash court "Houston, we have an idiot!" Alex yelled in excitement causing his younger brother to burst out laughing.

Brad staggered slowly down the hall, somewhat unsure of where he was going... all these halls looked the same by now. He turned to check out the floor plan on the wall when suddenly Aaron turned the corner. 
They both shouted with a genuine sense of relief, hurriedly limping toward each other as they embraced in a bro-hug (ignoring the fact they were both balls out naked).
"Dude! Did those little shits go for your balls!??" asked Aaron animatedly as he pointed at his paint-stained crotch. 
"Those little fuckers!" Brad yelled angrily "No one fucking nut taps my little bro but me!"
"Come on man, let's go fuck these pricks up. They only win when they get us alone, let's go show them what we're made of." 

Gingerly marching further down the halls looking for the two younger kids they thought were still in the complex, Brad and Aaron heard a deep moan emanating from inside the squash court. "Dude... that sounds like Mike!" said Aaron as the pair went bursting through the doors. Once on the other side the pair were left shocked at the paralysed state of their teammate. "Sadistic fucks!" shouted Brad in growing fury as he noticed the mouse trap on his best friend's dick. 

Aaron reached down between Mike's spread legs to try and yank the mousetrap off, but his sharp tugging only resulted in Mike feeling even more pain. "FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!" the stricken hunk screamed as it felt like his dick was about to rip off. "You stupid fuck!" Brad yelled at his younger brother "you have to fucking open it" he said, shoving Aaron out of the way to pry at the mechanism himself.

Successfully freeing Mike's cock, the two jock brothers slowly began helping him to his feet. "My dick... they crushed my fucking dick" Mike sobbed in self pity as he stared at his red, swollen member. "Don't worry dude, we're gonna go get them" replied Aaron enthusiastically. "I think I just wanna go home..." muttered Mike in response as he let out a weak sniffle of defeat. 
"Hey! Who the fuck are you!?" Brad interjected abruptly, grabbing hold of his buddy's shoulders.
"W...what?" stammered Mike
"I said who the fuck are you, huh!?" Brad waited for a response but none was forthcoming
"Dude, the Mike I know would never just let some bratty kids win. I mean bro, look at your fucking dick! They've literally treated you like a mouse tonight."
"Look at that dick!" Brad said as he reached down to hold his best friend's cock in his hand. "This dick should be balls deep in some hot cheerleader right now. That's what a man's dick is for, not some pathetic mouse dick. So Mike, the choice is yours; are you gonna whimp out now like the mouse they think you are, or are you gonna come beat the shit out of them like a fucking man!?"
Mike swallowed the lump in his throat, nodding his head... "I'm gonna beat them up like a man" he said.
"What was that!?" Brad yelled, pointing to his ear.
"I'm gonna beat the crap out of them like a fucking man!!" Mike yelled back, confidently. 
"Fuck yeah!" Brad said, fist bumping his buddy. "There's the Mike I know!"

"Alright dudes, let's go find these assholes and do to their little pathetic nuts ten times worse than what they did to ours." Mike added, now full of enthusiasm.
"First we gotta take care of our own. Aaron bro, you used to work here right? Wasn't this the place Dad made you work for to pay back that neighbour for wrecking her car?" 
"Yeah sure was, fucking sucked" replied Aaron, not remembering fondly the summer he spent here as a cleaner. 
"Sick! Where do they keep their first aid stuff?"
"In the canteen"
"Alright bros, let's do it!"

Alex and Dylan watched on digitally as the three guys staggered their way through the halls to the canteen, breaking through the service door to get inside. Brad helped the still fragile Mike sit up on a counter while Aaron rummaged through the first aid box looking for something to soothe the pain they were all still feeling in their knackers. 
"Hey Brad! Is a dick a muscle?" asked Aaron cluelessly.
"Sure is bro, why do you think I'm always telling you to work it out" he joked crudely while thrusting his hips causing both himself and Mike to crack up with laughter as they shared a high five. 
"Ok cool, got something" Aaron responded, applying a generous lather of cream to his junk before passing it around.

As Brad and Mike rubbed the soothing lotion into their aching dicks and balls the guys slowly started to feel a slight sense of relief as a cool feeling washed over their crotches. 
"Fuck, once my boys are feeling better I am so ready to get out there and kill those little bastards" Mike mused.
"Yeah bro, break their little balls" added Brad, furrowing his brow slightly in curiosity as he noticed a slight tingle on the underside of his dick.
"Crush them like a fuckin' vice" Aaron joked, smirking while scratching a sudden itch in his nuts.

Mike casually leaned back onto his elbows on top of the counter, sharing Aaron's smirk while tugging at his dick, feeling a bit of irritation.
Brad frowned as he pulled at his balls.
Aaron took a deep breath as his crotch weirdly began to feel like it was getting hotter than the rest of his body.
The three bros looked at each other, each of them noticing that they were all tugging at or scratching their junk. 
Mike's smirk faded slightly as the tip of his dick weirdly started to sting.
Aaron let out an "ooft" as he began using one of his hands to fan cool air at his increasingly hotter and hotter cock and balls. 
Brad felt his heart rate pick up as an increasingly distinct burning sensation began to take over his nards.
The three guys kept looking at one and other. They gulped. Then they blinked, sweat starting to form on each of their foreheads.

"Aaron... unghh.." Mike tried to speak, beginning to feel some genuine pain.
"What was that stuff?"
"Ugh..." Brad exhaled, furiously tugging on his dick.
"I think..." Aaron began to reply, staring incredulously at his reddening nutsack.
"Something called... unnghh.... Deep Heat?"
Brad and Mike simultaneously dropped their jaws in shock. 

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!" Screamed Mike, throwing a chopping board at Aaron that connected directly with the muscled moron's tender, rapidly warming balls. 
"OW! FUCK!" yelled Aaron falling to his knees. 
"BRO! Unnnghh.... you are so..... ooohhh... fucking dumb!" shouted Brad at his stricken younger sibling. 

The three started frantically running around the kitchen, screaming as each of their crotches burned like they were on fire. Brad tried desperately to cool his junk with the water from the tap, but the big industrial kitchen sink combined with the relatively weak stream of the tap made it impossible for him to get his dick close enough. 

"Ahhh... FUCK!... we gotta find something cold" yelled Aaron as he futilely rummaged through the storage cupboards.

At home, Alex and Dylan were laughing their asses off at the sheer stupidity on display. "What the fuck kind of cold thing does he think he's gonna find in the cupboards" asked Alex through tears of laughter. "What big fucking dummies!" added Dylan, holding his sides from the hysterics. 

Their laughter continued to grow louder in tandem with the increasing volume of the older guys' screams of panic in the canteen's kitchen. Mike, desperate for any kind of reprieve opened the large industrial kitchen fridge finding only a tray of meat pies to be warmed up in the morning. With a look of disgust on his face, he reached in and grabbed one ripping off the top crust and sinking his battered meat into the meat and batter. 

"Ew, what the fuck are you doing!" asked Brad, repulsed.
"No, dude... it works!" cried Mike in relief as he felt the pain in his loins slowly begin to subside.
Needing no further persuasion, the two remaining jock bros rushed for the fridge grabbing a pie of their own and sticking their junks deep inside the meat and juices. 

Within a short few seconds, the three dudes had slid down onto the floor, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with their dicks and balls chilling in some pies. "Fuck.. that was a close one" Aaron said after a minute or two of silence had passed. "Well it would've been way better if you hadn't fucked up!" Brad snapped at his younger brother.

Their bickering however was cut short, with the sudden sound of sirens from outside.
"Uh... what was that?" Mike asked, a concerned look on his face.
The three guys stared at each other as the sound of car doors slamming shut was heard in the distance, followed by footsteps and voices... and the sound of walkie talkies.
"Fuck..." said Brad, his face awash with sudden worry.
Then the lads heard the sound of footsteps, lots of footsteps, rattling chains.. and, was that a growl?
Aaron gulped.

Before the cornered hunks could so much as stand up, three large police dogs came pouncing through the gap in the wall left by the broken down door, heading straight for them. Each of the stricken studs, in their own unique pose of fear and terror threw their hands up to try and stop the dogs but their reactions were simply too slow.

"OOOOOOOHH!!!!!" Shouted Aaron as one of the dogs munched right into his juicy balls
"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" Yelled Brad a second later, his dick entangled in another's jaws
"FUCKKCKKKKKK!!!" Screamed Mike in a high-pitched voice the next second as both his nuts and dick were chewed on like a rubber toy

The three muscle men tensed and yelled and shoved and flexed as pieces of meat pie went flying everywhere but nothing seemed to have any effect as each of their manhoods got a serious work over. Nuts chewed, dicks munched over and over with seemingly nothing they could do to stop it. 

Mike's face scrunched up as his screams took on a higher and more frantic tone, his muscled up thighs thrashing about on the floor as the waves of pain swept through his body.
Brad's powerful college sports star chest that he was so used to showing off started to tense inward, as if his pectorals were caving in on themselves in fear. His face grew red in colour as sweat dripped off his brow in puddles.
Aaron tried desperately to speak through gritted teeth "bro..... unnghh.... bro.... help!" he groaned, but for the first time in his young, arrogant life big bro Brad couldn't get him out of trouble. He stared on speechless as he saw his boyhood hero and stud-mentor going through the exact same torture he was experiencing. He gulped at the thought that their entire family line was only a couple of misplaced bites away from eradication. 

In that moment as the lads' sweaty, muscled upper arms rubbed against one and other as all three of them went through a very uniquely male hell, they surely must have thought things couldn't get any worse, but then upon hearing the sound of their police masters jogging down the long corridor the dogs leapt into well-trained action. With each of their chewy bones and juicy balls still in possession, the muts began to drag, screaming and tensing, each of the lads towards the door.

"NOOO!!!!!" They screamed in a soprano collective; the jocks used every ounce of strength in their well worked out biceps to try and cling to the floor but even their manly muscles were no match as the dogs pulled them by their danglers slowly forward across the cold tile floor.

To their increasing horror, each of the bros found their muscly asses scooting forward inch by inch as the dogs pulled and pulled at their strained manhoods, slowly leaving behind a gross trail of jock sweat across the floor. 
Brad looked down terrified, seeing his washboard abs quiver as he was dragged closer and closer to the door... How the fuck was this happening to him??? 
Mike gulped between screams of agony, feeling his powerful leg muscles give way as the dog's teeth tore ruthlessly at battered pride and joy... why couldn't he overpower a stupid fucking dog???
Aaron sobbed quietly as he watched sweat drip down over his quivering pecs, pawing desperately at the floor behind him to no avail... why hadn't he just left to go bang that chick earlier???

Before the trio knew it, they had been hauled by their gonads out into the corridor with police officers shining their bright torches in their faces. 
The officers roughly grabbed the dogs from each of the lads' brutally assaulted groins eliciting a variety of guttural groans.
"You are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent" an officer began as the naked boys found themselves being tossed about and thrown onto their stomachs by the apprehending cops. 
"No!! It was the kids" screamed Mike as he felt an officer's boot step on his muscled back
The undisturbed officer simply continued with her arrest statement...
"They're still here!" added Brad, as he felt the cold metal of handcuffs encompassing his wrists
"They stole our clothes and attacked our balls!" yelled Aaron, being completely ignored as he was abruptly yanked from his shoulders and pulled up onto to his feet. 

In just a matter of seconds the three guys had found themselves cuffed and arrested, then marched to a waiting police wagon, all the while having no-one listen to their bizarre rants about 2 crazy school boys. They kept ranting and raving as they were dragged out to the car park where one by one their naked asses were unceremoniously tossed into the back of the wagon. 
The door slammed shut on the three blubbering jocks and the van drove off into the night.

From home, the two younger brothers smiled gleefully at the screen as they watched the timer on the CCTV footage tick over to midnight, and grinned with satisfaction as the pre-programmed erasure of the night's recordings took effect. 

Friday, 8 January 2021

Sports Centre Alone: A Nut-Cracking Comedy Collab! - PART TWO


This is the second of three chapters of the comedy nutshot collaboration I completed with Punch His Nuts, if you haven't already read part one you can find it here


"You little fucks!" Brad yelled, leaping to his feet and starting to chase towards the pair of younger kids "fuck, Dylan run!" yelled Alex as his mind raced to think of how they were going to get out of this one. Brad albeit hot on their tales, had slowed to a bit of a speedy limp, presumably the pain from his already sensitive balls slapping against his meaty thighs as he ran had caused the menacing stud to reconsider his sprint. Running back outside into the main corridor, Alex made a dash for the rear exit doors only to be stopped by Dylan "No! I put a trap on that door remember! We can't leave this way". Hearing Brad's footsteps drawing closer Alex had to think fast, "we're both small enough to fit in these lockers, quick hide!"

Both brothers made it into their respective lockers just in the nick of time as Brad came careening around the corner practically foaming at the mouth as he yelled "I'm gonna kill you, you little shits!" but was somewhat startled to find the corridor empty. Brad slowed to a more relaxed limp as he carefully cupped his battered balls while making his way toward the exit, the brothers doing their best to remain quiet as the older stud muttered under his breath "they must have gone through this door, the dumb fucks, I'll catch them easy." 

Feigning his usual bravado, Brad began a cocky stride up to the doors while opting to ignore his aching nuts by taking his hands off his quivering bulge. Reaching the door, he wasted no time in puffing up his muscular chest and flexing his carefully sculpted arms in a show of manly power as he reached forward heaving the heavy door open with great force, so forceful in fact that his right leg shifted back with the effort leaving him in a spread legged position. Immediately upon forcing the door open, the string suspending Dylan's previous trap snapped sending the heavy dumbbell tumbling down towards the arrogant hunk beneath.

Brad was smirking and was about to yell "you better run you little fucks! I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!", but before he could even get past "you-" his eyes caught a glimpse of the fast moving object flying towards him. All the stricken stud could do was gulp as his eyes watched the freefalling dumbbell swing down right through the gap in his muscular, spread legs before 


The full force of the heavy weight came up from beneath him, completing its swing as it crashed right into his already fragile nutsack crushing both his heavy balls right into his hip bone and flattening them to a mere fraction of their usual size. "Ugh!!" Brad groaned as the dumbbell fell away, his knees involuntarily bending as his hands dived for his battered goods, his mouth forming the perfect 'o' shape and his eyes growing wide in shock. "My.... my balls...." he began to stammer, growing louder

"My balls.... My balls!! MY BALLS!!!! MY FUCKING BAAAAALLSSSS!!!!!!"

He bellowed, his entire body shaking as every muscle on the big hunk's frame began to tremble as his nervous system processed the excruciating pain that was radiating from his groin up through his abs and slowly taking over his whole body. He began hyperventilating and letting out short little squeaks as he collapsed to his knees, toppled over and eventually passed out entirely from the brutal pain in his loins. 

Unable to contain themselves, Alex and Dylan burst out of the lockers they had been hiding in holding their bellies in fits of laughter. "Oh my God, he didn't see that one coming!" joked Dylan while mimicking the actions of their fallen foe "I'm gonna get you little shits" he repeated in a condescendingly gruff, low voice while assuming a wide stance before pretending to get hit in the crotch "OW! My balls!!"

Dylan's impersonation had left Alex in stiches, the pair going back and forth mocking Brad's hilarious comeuppance before finally regaining their composure. "Ok, ok, we better go check in and see if either of the other two sleeping brutes have woken from their slumber" joked Alex as he and Dylan walked off leaving Brad's naked passed out form in a heap by the door...


On the other side of the sports centre, Aaron slowly began to regain consciousness. Slowly sitting up, the downed stud quickly began to notice just how tender his most precious assets were; rubbing his nuts and his girthy cock he began to grow red in the face with anger "I'm gonna murder those little shits, I'm gonna fucking murder them!" he screamed with rage as he bounced to his feet and marched back towards the change room.

Just as the two brothers rounded the corner and headed in through the locker room's door they saw Aaron stumble his way back into the shower block, groaning and wincing as the still hotter-than-normal water began to drip over his body and slowly wash the paint stains off of his junk. 

"Damn" muttered Alex to his ballbuster-in-training "I wanted to use this next trap on the big, dumb jock we just nutted with the dumbbell... looks like his younger, dumber brother will have to do." 

"You talking about the gymnastics setup?" asked Dylan 

"Yep" responded Alex, "You know what to do, yeah?" 

"Sure do big bro!" responded Dylan enthusiastically, offering his older brother a friendly high five before Alex disappeared down the long hallway to finalise the trap the pair had began working on earlier that evening.

Dylan meanwhile crawled to the best vantage point for attracting Aaron's attention when the time came, venturing to a partially over-turned changing bench that had been knocked over during the jocks' locker room shenanigans, before setting his stopwatch to five minutes giving his brother enough time to have the finishing touches prepared on the trap that awaited the dazed jock moaning in front of him in the shower. 

Dylan watched with fascination as the older boy's balls slowly began to droop back down in their sack as the steamy water invitingly enveloped them like a warm glove. He admired the fullness of Aaron's thick cock as it ever-so-carefully began to drop its guard, embracing the relative safety of the locker room as it pumped back up from the shriveled worm it had shrunk to in a state of fear to its usual mighty length swinging between his legs like a heavy pendulum. 

Aaron was taking deep heavy breaths as the last remnants of paint washed off of his junk, he gulped surprised as his dick slowly began to respond once again to the warm water as it slightly stiffened bringing a seedy smirk to the teen stud's face. Fuck he was horny... Aaron reached down to his swelling member, keen to forget the pain he had suffered and relieve himself from his previous accidental self-edging. If it hadn't been for the pounding sound of the steamy shower water on the hard tiles, Brad would have heard the beeping of the stopwatch Dylan had set to remind himself when it was time to put the plan into action.

Looking down at his wrist and deactivating the beeping sound, Dylan focused his attention on the target in front of him. "Sorry stud, you're not gonna be getting any tonight" he muttered under breath as he procured a slingshot from his pocket...

Aaron was lost in a world of lust as he delicately stroked his hardening dick, the meaty monster now beginning to rise from its hanging position and climbing proudly into the air when suddenly he felt a sharp, stinging pain in his left ass cheek. "OWWWW!!!" he screamed as he spun around, noticing a small silver slingshot pellet rolling away into the shower drain. His cock drooped back down into its natural flaccid state as its owner came face to face with the younger of the two kids that had fucked with him before, the young lad standing on the other side of the locker room holding an emptied-slingshot. "Come on big boy, catch me if you can!" yelled Dylan antagonistically as he took off. The fully naked Aaron leapt out of the shower in hot pursuit, his cock and balls flopping around wildly between his thighs as he screamed obscenities at his young tormentor "I'll fucking kill you, you little cunt!".

Aaron continued chasing Dylan down corridor after corridor, narrowing the distance between them to just a few metres when suddenly the younger lad disappeared through some doors into one of the many halls the centre was home to. Aaron burst through the doors after him, finding himself standing in the centre's large gymnastics hall with Dylan nowhere to be seen. Confused but still confident, Aaron began strutting around the hall in between the various obstacles that had been set up "come on kid, I know you're in here!" he yelled angrily. "Come out now and I'll go easy on you!".... "not" he added with a mumble under his breath. 

From their designated hiding spot behind a pile of stacked gym mats Alex and Dylan watched on carefully. "Okay, if he's not that dumb he should find the bait relatively quickly" whispered Alex beneath his breath as he reached into his bag, passing Dylan a heavy tool he'd found in the centre's maintenance closet.

Wandering through the gym hall not far from them while absentmindedly scratching his abs and tugging at his balls, Aaron took only a couple of minutes to notice the trap that had been laid for him. High above a crash mattress on the suspended tight rope walk was his bag full of clothes, it was right in the middle between the two ends of the rope suspended around six metres/twenty feet off the ground. Aaron stood there in contemplation... were these dumb kids trying to lure him into something? Mind you, he'd been looking everywhere in here and they weren't around, maybe the kid had already ran out, and besides it didn't seem like a smart thing to do to be running around this place balls out naked, especially with two nutbusting maniacs on the loose...

"Fuck it" he declared, and began climbing the ladder that lead up to the rope. Reaching the top, the handsome hunk gulped realising just how high off the ground he was.

"C'mon bro, you're the fucking man, you can do this" he affirmed loudly giving himself a little pep talk. Back down below, the two brothers were struggling to contain their laughter at his pathetic state "looks like our big muscly stud is afraid of heights" Dylan whispered to his older brother. The two watched on eagerly as slowly but surely Aaron took his first precarious steps out on to the tight rope, balancing his way toward the middle with every muscle in his body tensed as he did his best to maintain his centre of gravity.

 "Watch as he gets closer to the middle, this is gonna be great!" Alex remarked, grinning from ear to ear. Barely a few more steps from reaching the bag, Aaron suddenly felt something slippery beneath his forward foot. "What the..." he began to stay as he stepped forward


He yelled as he suddenly lost his footing, both legs crashing down on either side of the tight rope crushing his already battered nuts. 


He yelled dramatically while holding on to the swaying tight rope for dear life, his face turning red and scrunching up in pain as his heavily worked out biceps and washboard abs powerfully flexed. The two brothers were laughing their asses off on the ground, "Okay... now!" instructed Alex sending Dylan off toward the ladder carrying with him a hefty pair of garden shears. Dylan scampered up the ladder unnoticed by Aaron til he had reached the top. "Hey bro! Brace for impact" Dylan yelled causing Aaron to turn his head. The stud's eyes widened with fear as he spotted the smaller kid barely half his hunky size brandishing the shears against the rope. 

With a look of utter panic on his face, Aaron quickly abandoned any efforts to retrieve his bag and began crawling as hastily as he could to try and get to the other side of the tightrope, futilely trying to avoid crushing or dragging his balls across the unforgiving rope. Having almost reached the other side, Aaron reached out desperately to grab the platform only to find himself about a finger's length too far away. It was just then as he was letting out a sigh of frustration that the stud heard the sickening sound of the rope tearing apart as a loud metal clang indicated the shears had completely closed, everything suddenly went vertical for the stricken stud, and all he could do was mutter "shit..."

The tough jock abruptly found himself plummeting at great speed toward the ground. With his thick hunky legs stilled tightly wrapped around the rope, his precious dick and swollen balls received some intense rope burn during the speedy descent. Before he could even react to the searing pain this caused, he came crashing down onto the inflated mat below but bounced off it nearly as quickly as he had landed after feeling a sharp pain in his rear end, his ass having come bearing down directly on to a few carefully placed tacks by the mischievous boys. 

Landing on his feet and still processing all that had just happened, Aaron's face went pale as he found himself standing face to face with Alex who was once again brandishing the paintball gun.

"Better luck next round dude!" Alex shouted cheerfully while lining up the gun with its targets. Aaron was left lifting up his hands as a terrified look took over his usually cocky face "no... please don't..." but his words were cut short.

*BANG* left nut!

*BANG* right nut!

*BANG* right in the dick!

Aaron stumbled back in a state of shock before letting out a ridiculously high-pitched scream as his hands clutched his battered goods before the stud was sent tumbling backwards onto the mattress and for the second time that night at the hands of the younger brothers, passing out from the impact of paint pellets. Alex and Dylan paused to admire their handiwork, and as Aaron's naked form sunk into the steadily deflating mattress Dylan turned to his brother "well, I suppose we better go check on the mousetrap douchebag" he said rather matter of fact while shrugging his shoulders. Alex looked on impressed as his younger bro started to strut out of the hall... what a stone cold killer I've created he though to himself, proudly. 


"OWWW!!!" A deep masculine scream in the distance, emanating from the direction of the locker room, abruptly woke Mike from his unconscious state. He groaned as all the pain in his pendulous gonads flooded back into him, no longer spared by unconsciousness. He gingerly reached down between his two thick muscular legs and with tears brimming in his eyes and a sharp yelp, delicately removed the mousetrap that had been crushing his manly nuts.

"Those sadistic little fuckers" he muttered to himself bitterly. He peered down to find his heavy nutsack bruised. Biting his tongue to avoid any further outward displays of weakness, he slowly clambered to his feet wincing as his balls gently returned to swinging between his legs, though this time with every light smack against his thighs a shot of pain would radiate all the way up to his taught stomach. He grimaced as he discovered his balls were so tender he couldn't even protectively cup them, leaving him to cup his dick protectively instead just for comfort. "At least they didn't hurt you, eh, big guy" he mumbled, still wistfully holding on to the idea that he might still make the hot date he was meant to be going on that night. 

The stud picked up his towel, wrapping it again around his waist. He smiled while looking down at his obscenely obvious bulge, feeling manly and accomplished as his hefty manhood hung proudly despite the agony within it. From outside he suddenly heard a commotion in the corridors, the sound of yelling and footsteps running in the opposite direction down towards the gymnastics area. "That sounded like Aaron, I wonder if the bastards got to him too... oh well, better his balls than mine", Mike thought to himself with a slightly vindictive smirk. 

Turning back around, he again noticed his gym bag. Figuring he should at least put some clothes on so those little fuckers couldn't make him seem like even more of an idiot running around in the buff, he decided to walk back over toward the bag, more confident this time knowing the only mousetrap that had been laid out had already deployed. "But goddamn, if I don't ever want to see a mousetrap again" he muttered outloud to no-one in particular as he unzipped his bag, reaching into it. As he reached into the bag suddenly he felt the most intense pain on his hands as instead of finding his clothes he instead found a whole set of mousetraps.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed, "I'm gonna kill those fucking little cunts!!"
Standing back in horror while staring at the two mousetraps clamped onto both of his hands trapping each of his fingers, he was forced to smash his hands against the floor to break the mousetraps off by force, only to find his fingers and knuckles all bruised and tender from the assault. Slowly, he tried to open and close his hands, but the bruising was so painful that he couldn't so much as bend his knuckles let alone form a fist. Meanwhile outside in the corridor, on their way back from dealing with Aaron, Alex and Dylan heard the scream coming from the squash courts. "Looks like the big dumbass found his clothes" Alex joked to Dylan, as the pair made their way to Mike. "Well not all his clothes" noted Dylan while patting his pocket with a knowing smile, "but wait a minute, we don't have a trap set up for him this time bro, how are we gonna get him?" Alex paused as if in contemplation before abruptly smashing his elbow into a trophy case the pair were passing by "Alex! What are you doing!? We could get in serious trouble" Dylan protested, shocked by his brother's seemingly reckless behaviour. "Uh uh, remember the CCTV cameras wipe at midnight and we got their phones" Alex responded with a wicked smile while retrieving something from the display cabinet "we won't be getting into any trouble for this, but someone who deserves it will". Dylan responded with his own wicked smile as Alex passed him a baseball from the cabinet, "remember little bro, sometimes simple is best" he said as the pair made their way down the hall. 

Back at the squash court Mike was looking at his flat open palms in surprise, trying to keep himself calm at his predicament. "I mean, you don't become a campus stud without knowing how to knock out the competition" he said to himself reassuringly, "yeah, I don't need fists to beat the shit out of those fuckers, I'll be fine, I've got heaps of moves". 

"Is that so?" asked Alex suddenly appearing at the door with his younger brother, causing Mike to spin around to face them. Unfortunately for Mike, the force of the unprepared spin sent his dangling balls swinging hard into his legs causing him to yelp and forced his legs to buckle a little. Embarrassed from his involuntary show of weakness and the brothers' ensuing laughter, the cocky jock decided to stand as tall as he could and puffed out his muscular chest intimidatingly. He spied the baseball in Dylan's hand and a small flash of fear crossed his face, which the brothers seemed to notice with satisfaction. 

Mike however decided to rationalise the situation... "one baseball" he thought to himself "they get one shot and they have no more weapons, no more booby traps, this is gonna be no problem, c'mon big guy, you're the man, these puny kids have got nothing on you."

"You little fuckers!" he yelled out to them, arrogantly. "One baseball!? That's pathetic. I'll even give you a free shot" cockily laughing at the brothers, "I'm covered with muscle, I won't even feel it!" he bragged, growing more and more confident as the alpha male voice inside his brain continued egging him on. 

With a smirk he went to cup his balls, but his smirk faded quickly to a grimace as his bruised hands wouldn't close properly. Mike quickly shrugged it off though, keen not to show any further displays of weakness and instead simply held one of his palms out flat across the front of his bulge. His smirk returned as he stepped up closer to the lads. "Go on boys, what are you waiting for!?" he called out mockingly. The brothers remained silent but slowly began to smile, all the while Mike was getting redder and redder in the face as his anger grew, "you stupid fucks!" he snarled, "you think you're so smart, but guess what school won't teach you shit, you little puny fucks will always be inferior to guys like me, I mean just look at me! I've got a huge cock, big muscles, nah, school won't teach you how to get those things, you'll always be betas in a world run by alpha studs like me!" He growled with fury.

Alex smiled mischievously at his younger brother, approvingly nodding his head and asking "you got this one bro?". With the approval of his older sibling combined with all the new found knowledge he'd gained that night, Dylan proudly stood forward without an ounce of fear. 

"You're right" Dylan said calmly to Mike causing the aggressive stud to narrow his eyes in confusion. "School doesn't teach us those things, but I did learn one thing today that was pretty interesting, do you know much about physics, Mr Field Hockey?"

"I get physical with your mum if that's what you mean you little bitch" Mike snapped back at him.

Dylan continued talking, still smiling pleasantly as he stepped ever so slightly closer, while concentrating on the lines on the floor and the distance between him and Mike. "You know, I've been learning about spin and momentum, and it turns out you can use it in a lot of situations" he said while spinning the ball gently in his hand and eyeing up a spot he was marking out on the floor. "For example," he began as he came to a complete stop having found the right position "I could throw this ball straight at you.."

Mike burst out laughing "yeah you little bitch, and I wouldn't even fucking feel it like I said" he boasted interrupting Dylan's monologue. "Yes" Dylan continued "but if I choose the right angle, apply just the correct amount of spin, and just the right level of momentum" he said, licking his lips in concentration while eyeing the baseball and the floor carefully "I can do this!"

It took just a fraction of a second from Dylan's exclamation for everything to happen, but for Mike it occurred as if it were in slow-mo. The ball went flying while spinning through the air from Dylan's hand seemingly coming nowhere near him, Mike's smirk growing as it appeared to fall well short of where he was even standing simply crashing into the floor.  What he wasn't expecting though was for the ball to have just the right level of momentum to reverb off from the floor and bounce back up at an angle heading in his direction, a mid-thigh level ruffle of the front closing of his towel sent the first alarm bells off in Mike's mind that something was wrong. His brain barely registered the sudden gusty feeling of air movement inside his towel from just behind where his outstretched protective palm was before


Mike's mouth suddenly dropped open in a silent scream as the baseball forcefully collided with his tender, naked ballsack. 


The baseball smacked back into the ground, falling out of the opening of Mike's towel before innocently rolling away. Mike's face began to contort in all sorts of shapes and expressions as the pain raced to his mind, his body bent over and his abs flexed like a spasming washboard. His eyes crossed as he started gasping for air and tumbled to his knees, his legs catching his towel as he fell and puling it off leaving the stricken hunk again vulnerable and naked as he rolled to his side desperately attempting to cup his balls that felt as though they were about to explode with agony. His heavily bruised fingers however preventing him from receiving any level of reprieve from his male pain.

He rolled onto his back, looking up with a terrified expression as he saw Dylan standing over him, the 20 year old muscle stud pleadingly looking into the eyes of the mere 13 year old kid that had nearly  unmanned him. Dylan however couldn't be any less interested in Mike's sudden look of remorse as he reached down towards the college bro's crotch and easily smacked away his protective hands. "Must be nice having a big dick like this" Dylan remarked while grabbing ahold of Mike's 6.5 inch flaccid member. "Too bad..." he continued, reaching his spare hand into his pocket and retrieving a final mousetrap. "" Mike begins to stammer, Dylan simply smiled back at him before clamping the mousetrap down on his proudest asset





Mike boomed at the top of his lungs, his manly yells echoing off the walls. He screamed and screamed as the pain began to spread across his entire body, this time not even being relieved with unconsciousness. The brothers laughed as his body eventually calmed to a semi-conscious state, still occasionally spasming and eliciting a groan from the stricken meathead trapped in his world of pain.

Alex approached, giving Dylan an approving ruffle of the hair. Dylan looked back at his older brother with pride "so what now big bro?"