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Sports Centre Alone: A Nut-Cracking Comedy Collab! - PART TWO


This is the second of three chapters of the comedy nutshot collaboration I completed with Punch His Nuts, if you haven't already read part one you can find it here


"You little fucks!" Brad yelled, leaping to his feet and starting to chase towards the pair of younger kids "fuck, Dylan run!" yelled Alex as his mind raced to think of how they were going to get out of this one. Brad albeit hot on their tales, had slowed to a bit of a speedy limp, presumably the pain from his already sensitive balls slapping against his meaty thighs as he ran had caused the menacing stud to reconsider his sprint. Running back outside into the main corridor, Alex made a dash for the rear exit doors only to be stopped by Dylan "No! I put a trap on that door remember! We can't leave this way". Hearing Brad's footsteps drawing closer Alex had to think fast, "we're both small enough to fit in these lockers, quick hide!"

Both brothers made it into their respective lockers just in the nick of time as Brad came careening around the corner practically foaming at the mouth as he yelled "I'm gonna kill you, you little shits!" but was somewhat startled to find the corridor empty. Brad slowed to a more relaxed limp as he carefully cupped his battered balls while making his way toward the exit, the brothers doing their best to remain quiet as the older stud muttered under his breath "they must have gone through this door, the dumb fucks, I'll catch them easy." 

Feigning his usual bravado, Brad began a cocky stride up to the doors while opting to ignore his aching nuts by taking his hands off his quivering bulge. Reaching the door, he wasted no time in puffing up his muscular chest and flexing his carefully sculpted arms in a show of manly power as he reached forward heaving the heavy door open with great force, so forceful in fact that his right leg shifted back with the effort leaving him in a spread legged position. Immediately upon forcing the door open, the string suspending Dylan's previous trap snapped sending the heavy dumbbell tumbling down towards the arrogant hunk beneath.

Brad was smirking and was about to yell "you better run you little fucks! I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!", but before he could even get past "you-" his eyes caught a glimpse of the fast moving object flying towards him. All the stricken stud could do was gulp as his eyes watched the freefalling dumbbell swing down right through the gap in his muscular, spread legs before 


The full force of the heavy weight came up from beneath him, completing its swing as it crashed right into his already fragile nutsack crushing both his heavy balls right into his hip bone and flattening them to a mere fraction of their usual size. "Ugh!!" Brad groaned as the dumbbell fell away, his knees involuntarily bending as his hands dived for his battered goods, his mouth forming the perfect 'o' shape and his eyes growing wide in shock. "My.... my balls...." he began to stammer, growing louder

"My balls.... My balls!! MY BALLS!!!! MY FUCKING BAAAAALLSSSS!!!!!!"

He bellowed, his entire body shaking as every muscle on the big hunk's frame began to tremble as his nervous system processed the excruciating pain that was radiating from his groin up through his abs and slowly taking over his whole body. He began hyperventilating and letting out short little squeaks as he collapsed to his knees, toppled over and eventually passed out entirely from the brutal pain in his loins. 

Unable to contain themselves, Alex and Dylan burst out of the lockers they had been hiding in holding their bellies in fits of laughter. "Oh my God, he didn't see that one coming!" joked Dylan while mimicking the actions of their fallen foe "I'm gonna get you little shits" he repeated in a condescendingly gruff, low voice while assuming a wide stance before pretending to get hit in the crotch "OW! My balls!!"

Dylan's impersonation had left Alex in stiches, the pair going back and forth mocking Brad's hilarious comeuppance before finally regaining their composure. "Ok, ok, we better go check in and see if either of the other two sleeping brutes have woken from their slumber" joked Alex as he and Dylan walked off leaving Brad's naked passed out form in a heap by the door...


On the other side of the sports centre, Aaron slowly began to regain consciousness. Slowly sitting up, the downed stud quickly began to notice just how tender his most precious assets were; rubbing his nuts and his girthy cock he began to grow red in the face with anger "I'm gonna murder those little shits, I'm gonna fucking murder them!" he screamed with rage as he bounced to his feet and marched back towards the change room.

Just as the two brothers rounded the corner and headed in through the locker room's door they saw Aaron stumble his way back into the shower block, groaning and wincing as the still hotter-than-normal water began to drip over his body and slowly wash the paint stains off of his junk. 

"Damn" muttered Alex to his ballbuster-in-training "I wanted to use this next trap on the big, dumb jock we just nutted with the dumbbell... looks like his younger, dumber brother will have to do." 

"You talking about the gymnastics setup?" asked Dylan 

"Yep" responded Alex, "You know what to do, yeah?" 

"Sure do big bro!" responded Dylan enthusiastically, offering his older brother a friendly high five before Alex disappeared down the long hallway to finalise the trap the pair had began working on earlier that evening.

Dylan meanwhile crawled to the best vantage point for attracting Aaron's attention when the time came, venturing to a partially over-turned changing bench that had been knocked over during the jocks' locker room shenanigans, before setting his stopwatch to five minutes giving his brother enough time to have the finishing touches prepared on the trap that awaited the dazed jock moaning in front of him in the shower. 

Dylan watched with fascination as the older boy's balls slowly began to droop back down in their sack as the steamy water invitingly enveloped them like a warm glove. He admired the fullness of Aaron's thick cock as it ever-so-carefully began to drop its guard, embracing the relative safety of the locker room as it pumped back up from the shriveled worm it had shrunk to in a state of fear to its usual mighty length swinging between his legs like a heavy pendulum. 

Aaron was taking deep heavy breaths as the last remnants of paint washed off of his junk, he gulped surprised as his dick slowly began to respond once again to the warm water as it slightly stiffened bringing a seedy smirk to the teen stud's face. Fuck he was horny... Aaron reached down to his swelling member, keen to forget the pain he had suffered and relieve himself from his previous accidental self-edging. If it hadn't been for the pounding sound of the steamy shower water on the hard tiles, Brad would have heard the beeping of the stopwatch Dylan had set to remind himself when it was time to put the plan into action.

Looking down at his wrist and deactivating the beeping sound, Dylan focused his attention on the target in front of him. "Sorry stud, you're not gonna be getting any tonight" he muttered under breath as he procured a slingshot from his pocket...

Aaron was lost in a world of lust as he delicately stroked his hardening dick, the meaty monster now beginning to rise from its hanging position and climbing proudly into the air when suddenly he felt a sharp, stinging pain in his left ass cheek. "OWWWW!!!" he screamed as he spun around, noticing a small silver slingshot pellet rolling away into the shower drain. His cock drooped back down into its natural flaccid state as its owner came face to face with the younger of the two kids that had fucked with him before, the young lad standing on the other side of the locker room holding an emptied-slingshot. "Come on big boy, catch me if you can!" yelled Dylan antagonistically as he took off. The fully naked Aaron leapt out of the shower in hot pursuit, his cock and balls flopping around wildly between his thighs as he screamed obscenities at his young tormentor "I'll fucking kill you, you little cunt!".

Aaron continued chasing Dylan down corridor after corridor, narrowing the distance between them to just a few metres when suddenly the younger lad disappeared through some doors into one of the many halls the centre was home to. Aaron burst through the doors after him, finding himself standing in the centre's large gymnastics hall with Dylan nowhere to be seen. Confused but still confident, Aaron began strutting around the hall in between the various obstacles that had been set up "come on kid, I know you're in here!" he yelled angrily. "Come out now and I'll go easy on you!".... "not" he added with a mumble under his breath. 

From their designated hiding spot behind a pile of stacked gym mats Alex and Dylan watched on carefully. "Okay, if he's not that dumb he should find the bait relatively quickly" whispered Alex beneath his breath as he reached into his bag, passing Dylan a heavy tool he'd found in the centre's maintenance closet.

Wandering through the gym hall not far from them while absentmindedly scratching his abs and tugging at his balls, Aaron took only a couple of minutes to notice the trap that had been laid for him. High above a crash mattress on the suspended tight rope walk was his bag full of clothes, it was right in the middle between the two ends of the rope suspended around six metres/twenty feet off the ground. Aaron stood there in contemplation... were these dumb kids trying to lure him into something? Mind you, he'd been looking everywhere in here and they weren't around, maybe the kid had already ran out, and besides it didn't seem like a smart thing to do to be running around this place balls out naked, especially with two nutbusting maniacs on the loose...

"Fuck it" he declared, and began climbing the ladder that lead up to the rope. Reaching the top, the handsome hunk gulped realising just how high off the ground he was.

"C'mon bro, you're the fucking man, you can do this" he affirmed loudly giving himself a little pep talk. Back down below, the two brothers were struggling to contain their laughter at his pathetic state "looks like our big muscly stud is afraid of heights" Dylan whispered to his older brother. The two watched on eagerly as slowly but surely Aaron took his first precarious steps out on to the tight rope, balancing his way toward the middle with every muscle in his body tensed as he did his best to maintain his centre of gravity.

 "Watch as he gets closer to the middle, this is gonna be great!" Alex remarked, grinning from ear to ear. Barely a few more steps from reaching the bag, Aaron suddenly felt something slippery beneath his forward foot. "What the..." he began to stay as he stepped forward


He yelled as he suddenly lost his footing, both legs crashing down on either side of the tight rope crushing his already battered nuts. 


He yelled dramatically while holding on to the swaying tight rope for dear life, his face turning red and scrunching up in pain as his heavily worked out biceps and washboard abs powerfully flexed. The two brothers were laughing their asses off on the ground, "Okay... now!" instructed Alex sending Dylan off toward the ladder carrying with him a hefty pair of garden shears. Dylan scampered up the ladder unnoticed by Aaron til he had reached the top. "Hey bro! Brace for impact" Dylan yelled causing Aaron to turn his head. The stud's eyes widened with fear as he spotted the smaller kid barely half his hunky size brandishing the shears against the rope. 

With a look of utter panic on his face, Aaron quickly abandoned any efforts to retrieve his bag and began crawling as hastily as he could to try and get to the other side of the tightrope, futilely trying to avoid crushing or dragging his balls across the unforgiving rope. Having almost reached the other side, Aaron reached out desperately to grab the platform only to find himself about a finger's length too far away. It was just then as he was letting out a sigh of frustration that the stud heard the sickening sound of the rope tearing apart as a loud metal clang indicated the shears had completely closed, everything suddenly went vertical for the stricken stud, and all he could do was mutter "shit..."

The tough jock abruptly found himself plummeting at great speed toward the ground. With his thick hunky legs stilled tightly wrapped around the rope, his precious dick and swollen balls received some intense rope burn during the speedy descent. Before he could even react to the searing pain this caused, he came crashing down onto the inflated mat below but bounced off it nearly as quickly as he had landed after feeling a sharp pain in his rear end, his ass having come bearing down directly on to a few carefully placed tacks by the mischievous boys. 

Landing on his feet and still processing all that had just happened, Aaron's face went pale as he found himself standing face to face with Alex who was once again brandishing the paintball gun.

"Better luck next round dude!" Alex shouted cheerfully while lining up the gun with its targets. Aaron was left lifting up his hands as a terrified look took over his usually cocky face "no... please don't..." but his words were cut short.

*BANG* left nut!

*BANG* right nut!

*BANG* right in the dick!

Aaron stumbled back in a state of shock before letting out a ridiculously high-pitched scream as his hands clutched his battered goods before the stud was sent tumbling backwards onto the mattress and for the second time that night at the hands of the younger brothers, passing out from the impact of paint pellets. Alex and Dylan paused to admire their handiwork, and as Aaron's naked form sunk into the steadily deflating mattress Dylan turned to his brother "well, I suppose we better go check on the mousetrap douchebag" he said rather matter of fact while shrugging his shoulders. Alex looked on impressed as his younger bro started to strut out of the hall... what a stone cold killer I've created he though to himself, proudly. 


"OWWW!!!" A deep masculine scream in the distance, emanating from the direction of the locker room, abruptly woke Mike from his unconscious state. He groaned as all the pain in his pendulous gonads flooded back into him, no longer spared by unconsciousness. He gingerly reached down between his two thick muscular legs and with tears brimming in his eyes and a sharp yelp, delicately removed the mousetrap that had been crushing his manly nuts.

"Those sadistic little fuckers" he muttered to himself bitterly. He peered down to find his heavy nutsack bruised. Biting his tongue to avoid any further outward displays of weakness, he slowly clambered to his feet wincing as his balls gently returned to swinging between his legs, though this time with every light smack against his thighs a shot of pain would radiate all the way up to his taught stomach. He grimaced as he discovered his balls were so tender he couldn't even protectively cup them, leaving him to cup his dick protectively instead just for comfort. "At least they didn't hurt you, eh, big guy" he mumbled, still wistfully holding on to the idea that he might still make the hot date he was meant to be going on that night. 

The stud picked up his towel, wrapping it again around his waist. He smiled while looking down at his obscenely obvious bulge, feeling manly and accomplished as his hefty manhood hung proudly despite the agony within it. From outside he suddenly heard a commotion in the corridors, the sound of yelling and footsteps running in the opposite direction down towards the gymnastics area. "That sounded like Aaron, I wonder if the bastards got to him too... oh well, better his balls than mine", Mike thought to himself with a slightly vindictive smirk. 

Turning back around, he again noticed his gym bag. Figuring he should at least put some clothes on so those little fuckers couldn't make him seem like even more of an idiot running around in the buff, he decided to walk back over toward the bag, more confident this time knowing the only mousetrap that had been laid out had already deployed. "But goddamn, if I don't ever want to see a mousetrap again" he muttered outloud to no-one in particular as he unzipped his bag, reaching into it. As he reached into the bag suddenly he felt the most intense pain on his hands as instead of finding his clothes he instead found a whole set of mousetraps.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed, "I'm gonna kill those fucking little cunts!!"
Standing back in horror while staring at the two mousetraps clamped onto both of his hands trapping each of his fingers, he was forced to smash his hands against the floor to break the mousetraps off by force, only to find his fingers and knuckles all bruised and tender from the assault. Slowly, he tried to open and close his hands, but the bruising was so painful that he couldn't so much as bend his knuckles let alone form a fist. Meanwhile outside in the corridor, on their way back from dealing with Aaron, Alex and Dylan heard the scream coming from the squash courts. "Looks like the big dumbass found his clothes" Alex joked to Dylan, as the pair made their way to Mike. "Well not all his clothes" noted Dylan while patting his pocket with a knowing smile, "but wait a minute, we don't have a trap set up for him this time bro, how are we gonna get him?" Alex paused as if in contemplation before abruptly smashing his elbow into a trophy case the pair were passing by "Alex! What are you doing!? We could get in serious trouble" Dylan protested, shocked by his brother's seemingly reckless behaviour. "Uh uh, remember the CCTV cameras wipe at midnight and we got their phones" Alex responded with a wicked smile while retrieving something from the display cabinet "we won't be getting into any trouble for this, but someone who deserves it will". Dylan responded with his own wicked smile as Alex passed him a baseball from the cabinet, "remember little bro, sometimes simple is best" he said as the pair made their way down the hall. 

Back at the squash court Mike was looking at his flat open palms in surprise, trying to keep himself calm at his predicament. "I mean, you don't become a campus stud without knowing how to knock out the competition" he said to himself reassuringly, "yeah, I don't need fists to beat the shit out of those fuckers, I'll be fine, I've got heaps of moves". 

"Is that so?" asked Alex suddenly appearing at the door with his younger brother, causing Mike to spin around to face them. Unfortunately for Mike, the force of the unprepared spin sent his dangling balls swinging hard into his legs causing him to yelp and forced his legs to buckle a little. Embarrassed from his involuntary show of weakness and the brothers' ensuing laughter, the cocky jock decided to stand as tall as he could and puffed out his muscular chest intimidatingly. He spied the baseball in Dylan's hand and a small flash of fear crossed his face, which the brothers seemed to notice with satisfaction. 

Mike however decided to rationalise the situation... "one baseball" he thought to himself "they get one shot and they have no more weapons, no more booby traps, this is gonna be no problem, c'mon big guy, you're the man, these puny kids have got nothing on you."

"You little fuckers!" he yelled out to them, arrogantly. "One baseball!? That's pathetic. I'll even give you a free shot" cockily laughing at the brothers, "I'm covered with muscle, I won't even feel it!" he bragged, growing more and more confident as the alpha male voice inside his brain continued egging him on. 

With a smirk he went to cup his balls, but his smirk faded quickly to a grimace as his bruised hands wouldn't close properly. Mike quickly shrugged it off though, keen not to show any further displays of weakness and instead simply held one of his palms out flat across the front of his bulge. His smirk returned as he stepped up closer to the lads. "Go on boys, what are you waiting for!?" he called out mockingly. The brothers remained silent but slowly began to smile, all the while Mike was getting redder and redder in the face as his anger grew, "you stupid fucks!" he snarled, "you think you're so smart, but guess what school won't teach you shit, you little puny fucks will always be inferior to guys like me, I mean just look at me! I've got a huge cock, big muscles, nah, school won't teach you how to get those things, you'll always be betas in a world run by alpha studs like me!" He growled with fury.

Alex smiled mischievously at his younger brother, approvingly nodding his head and asking "you got this one bro?". With the approval of his older sibling combined with all the new found knowledge he'd gained that night, Dylan proudly stood forward without an ounce of fear. 

"You're right" Dylan said calmly to Mike causing the aggressive stud to narrow his eyes in confusion. "School doesn't teach us those things, but I did learn one thing today that was pretty interesting, do you know much about physics, Mr Field Hockey?"

"I get physical with your mum if that's what you mean you little bitch" Mike snapped back at him.

Dylan continued talking, still smiling pleasantly as he stepped ever so slightly closer, while concentrating on the lines on the floor and the distance between him and Mike. "You know, I've been learning about spin and momentum, and it turns out you can use it in a lot of situations" he said while spinning the ball gently in his hand and eyeing up a spot he was marking out on the floor. "For example," he began as he came to a complete stop having found the right position "I could throw this ball straight at you.."

Mike burst out laughing "yeah you little bitch, and I wouldn't even fucking feel it like I said" he boasted interrupting Dylan's monologue. "Yes" Dylan continued "but if I choose the right angle, apply just the correct amount of spin, and just the right level of momentum" he said, licking his lips in concentration while eyeing the baseball and the floor carefully "I can do this!"

It took just a fraction of a second from Dylan's exclamation for everything to happen, but for Mike it occurred as if it were in slow-mo. The ball went flying while spinning through the air from Dylan's hand seemingly coming nowhere near him, Mike's smirk growing as it appeared to fall well short of where he was even standing simply crashing into the floor.  What he wasn't expecting though was for the ball to have just the right level of momentum to reverb off from the floor and bounce back up at an angle heading in his direction, a mid-thigh level ruffle of the front closing of his towel sent the first alarm bells off in Mike's mind that something was wrong. His brain barely registered the sudden gusty feeling of air movement inside his towel from just behind where his outstretched protective palm was before


Mike's mouth suddenly dropped open in a silent scream as the baseball forcefully collided with his tender, naked ballsack. 


The baseball smacked back into the ground, falling out of the opening of Mike's towel before innocently rolling away. Mike's face began to contort in all sorts of shapes and expressions as the pain raced to his mind, his body bent over and his abs flexed like a spasming washboard. His eyes crossed as he started gasping for air and tumbled to his knees, his legs catching his towel as he fell and puling it off leaving the stricken hunk again vulnerable and naked as he rolled to his side desperately attempting to cup his balls that felt as though they were about to explode with agony. His heavily bruised fingers however preventing him from receiving any level of reprieve from his male pain.

He rolled onto his back, looking up with a terrified expression as he saw Dylan standing over him, the 20 year old muscle stud pleadingly looking into the eyes of the mere 13 year old kid that had nearly  unmanned him. Dylan however couldn't be any less interested in Mike's sudden look of remorse as he reached down towards the college bro's crotch and easily smacked away his protective hands. "Must be nice having a big dick like this" Dylan remarked while grabbing ahold of Mike's 6.5 inch flaccid member. "Too bad..." he continued, reaching his spare hand into his pocket and retrieving a final mousetrap. "" Mike begins to stammer, Dylan simply smiled back at him before clamping the mousetrap down on his proudest asset





Mike boomed at the top of his lungs, his manly yells echoing off the walls. He screamed and screamed as the pain began to spread across his entire body, this time not even being relieved with unconsciousness. The brothers laughed as his body eventually calmed to a semi-conscious state, still occasionally spasming and eliciting a groan from the stricken meathead trapped in his world of pain.

Alex approached, giving Dylan an approving ruffle of the hair. Dylan looked back at his older brother with pride "so what now big bro?"


Saturday, 26 December 2020

Sports Centre Alone: A Nut-Cracking Comedy Collab! - PART ONE


In the spirit of the season, I've teamed up with Punch His Nuts, who runs an awesome Instagram account that you can see here that features some hilarious nut shot scenes from film and TV. This tale of nut-cracking pain is an ode to the spirit of classic Christmas comedy films like Home Alone; while there's no kid left abandoned by his family, no burglars, and no caroling soundtrack, there is an extensive set of booby-traps that leads to a lot of balls getting busted and a lot of egos getting bruised in this classic tale of bully vs nerd as two local teens find themselves in their local sports centre after hours with three mean jocks. I know this is a little different from some of my previous work but I hope you nonetheless enjoy this light-hearted but equally viscous tale. (Note- as this is intended as a bit of comedy, please suspend any assumptions of realism like the time it would take to set things up or the practicality of the traps just like you would for a silly movie!)


It was just a couple of weeks out from Christmas and it was a busy night at the local sports centre. The state of the art facility had opened only a couple of years earlier and was the largest complex of its kind anywhere in the country; it had numerous different rooms for various different indoor sports and was a popular hang for the local kids.

The facility was the practice ground of the local junior indoor soccer team, and 13 year old Dylan was excited to finish off the season on a high. Due to various school commitments that the boys of the team had at this time of year, their usual practice time of 6pm had been bumped to the later 8pm meaning they'd run through til the centre's close time of 10 o'clock; but it was no big deal, Dylan's older 16 year old brother Alex was a volunteer assistant coach for the team and would be able to make sure he got home safe afterwards.

The pair arrived a little early to find the team's head coach trying to politely diffuse some situation between him, the leisure centre manager and three enraged dudebros. Two of the guys were standing back a bit from the situation, arms folded crossly while looking arrogant whilst the tallest and most muscly of them engaged in a bitter back-and-forth argument with the centre's manager spitting all kinds of vile and degrading insults "dumb bitch", "stupid cow" etc... there seemed no end to this guy's venom. 

Through listening to the exchange the brothers were able to put together that the big angry, bulky 6'3" dude was a 21 year old college baseball stud by the name of Brad, he and his 20 year old dorm buddy Mike (shorter at 6'1" with a lean, though still muscular frame and a champion hockey player) had rocked up to their usual Thursday night 3v3 basketball practice tagging along Brad's younger brother Aaron (an 18 year old slightly less bulky hunk that was otherwise a carbon copy of his older brother) who had been conscripted to replace Brad and Mike's regular teammate who was out with a groin injury. The 3v3 games were always a casual affair played in one of the centre's large multipurpose sports halls. However, unfortunately tonight for the three lads, the kids indoor soccer team that usually played before they arrived had booked it out for practice on this particular evening.

It transpired that the other team of three college basketball players had simply accepted the unfortunate lack of availability at the centre and left, but Brad's team were having none of it. Infuriated that he was being kicked out to make space for a bunch of 13 year olds, Brad was demanding to be given somewhere else to play; but as the increasingly frustrated centre manager kept explaining to him, there were no other available facilities that evening. Eventually, the junior team's coach stepped in and suggested a compromise where they would only use half the arena for practice that night and allow the guys to practice their basketball with each other on the other side; the three jocks reluctantly agreed.

Before long the rest of Dylan's team had arrived and the team's final practice session for the season was underway. Unfortunately, the evening was not quite the final fun outing they'd been expecting with Brad, Mike and, after some peer pressure from the others, Aaron all going out of their way to disrupt the kids' game. They somehow kept "accidentally" losing control of the basketball sending it launching into the middle of the soccer practice happening on the other side of the hall, when they'd come to collect it they'd always find a way of "accidentally" tripping over the soccer ball and inadvertently kicking it to some inconvenient location to be retrieved. Aaron would boast from the sidelines about how he was a soccer champion himself while mocking the inabilities of the younger kids to play 'properly', Mike and Brad egging him on with high fives and fist bumps whenever he landed a particularly mean insult against one of the players.

After nearly two hours of the jocks' antics and loudmouth behaviour, the soccer team finally started to disperse and head off home. Dylan and Alex were the final two left as they had volunteered to pack up the equipment and move it back into storage. "What fucking bullshit tonight was" Dylan muttered. "I don't think mum would approve of you using that language buddy" replied Alex in his typical big brother fashion, causing Dylan to roll his eyes. Across the room, the three older guys were still mucking around being obnoxiously loud; it appeared Aaron had accidentally sent the basketball flying into the mound in Mike's basketball shorts causing the handsome stud to collapse to the floor as Brad and Aaron shared a brotherly high-five while mocking their fallen buddy. "Hmm... but I know where you're coming from" said Alex to Dylan, "that behaviour tonight was pretty low, even for jocks". 

It was just as Alex and Dylan were finishing up that they overheard Brad detailing to Aaron his plans to make sure they never had to share the space again. "See that storage cupboard over there" Brad gestured to his younger bro, painfully unaware of how loud his voice was, "it doesn't lock, and that corner of the room is a total CCTV blind-spot" he said grinning "all we gotta do is make sure we take long enough in the showers, the front desk staff always leave smack bang on 10 'cause the front door is self locking; so long as they think we're on our way out they'll leave us alone in here, me and Mike have done it a million times to get an extra hour of practice or whatever... ain't that right man?" Mike groaned in confirmation as he continued to soothe his battered nuts. Suddenly Aaron's perpetually dimwitted face lit up, "Ah! I get it, so when everyone else is gone we can show them up by using their space, haha sick one bro". Brad rolled his eyes "no you dumb fuck! once they're gone we'll wreck their equipment so they don't come back, and that way we'll get to play in our normal place every week". "Oh" Aaron responded sheepishly, "is that legal...?". Mike and Brad simply looked at each other in disbelief at Aaron's continuing stupidity before the boys headed off to the showers.

"Alex, we can't let them destroy our stuff" whispered Dylan to his big bro. "No, we can't. Dylan I know I've told you to always use your words to solve your problems, but I think it's time I taught you how to deal with bullies when that clearly isn't an option" responded Alex with a mischievous wink. The two brothers shared a knowing smile and headed off into the sports centre to come up with a way to bring them down and save their team's equipment. "Ok" Alex said, looking at a map on the wall of the centre's layout "those jocks are probably gonna be in the locker room for at least an hour messing around, so here's our plan..." 


Over the coming hour the two set about the sporting complex, setting up traps and using Dylan's expert IT skills to hack into the centre's ultra modern smart systems control as well as the CCTV network once the staff had all clocked out. At his brother's suggestion, Dylan increased the general temperature of the building and also tapped into the water controls to increase the heat in the showers; had they had a view in the locker room they would've smiled with glee as the three sets of nuts inside gradually lowered in their increasingly loose sacks as the temperature inched up all the while their oblivious owners kept on flicking soap at each other and horsing around, talking grotesquely about the various sex acts they planned to perform on the dates they'd all lined up for themselves later that night, completely unaware of the plans the younger boys they'd so vastly underestimated were rolling out. Alex was able to sneak into the locker room undetected and swipe the guy's bags (a crucial part of the plan), while Dylan managed to set a self-erase directive on the CCTV to wipe itself of recorded footage at midnight. After a great deal of painstaking work the plan was set, now all they had to do was wait...

Meanwhile down in the change room Brad was the first to hop out of the shower, drying himself off while absentmindedly checking himself out in the mirror. His taught muscles glistened in the reflection as the cocky stud smirked at the raw specimen of masculinity he saw starting back at him. Mike soon stepped out of the showers too and began drying off . Grabbing a discarded can of Lynx deodorant and giving his pits a spray, Brad began to saunter around the room looking for his gym bag, grunting in confusion when he couldn't find it before tossing the can to Mike who gladly accepted the fuckboi-spray to freshen up ahead of the night of revelry the boys had planned. Unlike the other lads, Brad's black boxer briefs remained on the changing bench as he'd neglected to tuck them into his bag during the race for the showers giving him at least something to wear while he tried to locate his missing possessions.

"Hurry the fuck up bro, we've got sports equipment to destroy and then some hoes to bang" shouted Brad to his younger brother who was still showering. "Yeah, yeah I'm coming" Aaron responded, though not seeming to move from where he was standing. Unfortunately, poor Aaron was still a teenager and was slightly more hormonally responsive to environmental changes than the other two more sexually matured college studs. Though he had not consciously noticed the increasing temperature of the showers thanks to Dylan's sneaky system adjustments, his body certainly had. The increasing heat combined with the soapy, wet environment and all Brad and Mike's boasting about fucking had caused a very physical response in Aaron, the young soccer star's dick had chubbed up to its full 8.5 inches and Aaron was desperately trying to get it to go back down before either of the older guys noticed; though the pressure of all the increasingly hot, steamy water cascading over every bump and crevasse of his naked, muscular body was definitively not helping.

Suddenly a crackle emitted from the PA system as a corny spooky recording that Alex had done up earlier echoed through the locker room... "bewaaareee....leeeeeavvvvvee nowwwww" and other dumb spooky sound effects were filling the air, clearly in a teenager's voice. Mike and Brad shared a weird look before deducing that the voice belonged to one of the losers they'd fucked with earlier.

"Fuck man, this is perfect" Brad exclaimed "now we don't even have to wreck the equipment, we can just find those little bastards and wreck them instead". He briefly considered sticking around to search for the remainder of his clothes, but being overcome with the urge to beat up some nerds he simply shrugged his shoulders, "fuck it" he said, marching out in just his underwear. "Ayy, leave some for me" Mike joked as he tied his towel around his waist, opting to stay back and hunt for the guys' bags in amongst the lockers.

Brad knew that in order to be controlling the PA system the two high schoolers would need to be in the reception area, so he decided to take what he thought a shortcut through the indoor batting cage hall, a place he remembered fondly from many years of high school ball practice. He strutted confidently across the hall, and had nearly made it to the the other side while getting himself ready to burst into the reception and beat the shit out of these little twerps, when he suddenly noticed his gym bag tucked away at the base of one of the batting cages. "What the..." Brad wondered aloud, "those little fucks!!" 

The hunky college student marched in fury as he headed into the cage to retrieve his bag "if those little shits have touched a single thing of mine I'm gonna fucking kill them" he spat through his teeth in a rage. He reached down to pick up his bag when suddenly *BAM*

"Ow! What the hell!?" Brad yelled as a baseball forcefully impacted with his right shoulder. He stumbled backward in surprise rubbing his shoulder which quickly started to turn red from the force of the blow. The big guy spun around, his eyes scanning the rest of the massive hall and its various cages only to find no-one there.

Dylan and Alex were laughing their asses off at the dumb jock's confusion while monitoring the situation through the CCTV cameras in the main admin office and also through one of the centre's GoPros which the pair had found in a cabinet in the office and mounted to the top of the batting machine in order to get a close up view. "Damn, this remote control batting cage has more uses than I ever imagined" joked Alex as he carefully walked his little brother through the plan.

The pair sat sniggering as they watched the dumbass jock crawling across the ground back towards his bag at the base of the machine, perhaps figuring that in his impatience to retrieve it before he may have set off the machine by brushing past it. After waiting for the better part of a minute on the ground, he slowly crept his way back onto his feet before grabbing his bag, and cautiously making his way back toward the exit from the cage. 

"Wait for it" cautioned Alex, watching along as Dylan lined up his aim on the cannon with help from the GoPro. "Now!" Dylan pressed two buttons in quick succession and suddenly a loud horn sound blasted from the emergency speaker mounted on the wall directly above the pitching machine. Brad spun around to face the source of the noise only to see the pitching machine once again come to life as a baseball was spat out heading straight for him. Brad gulped as the fastball sailed through the air narrowing in on its intended targets...


The force of the first blow causing him to drop his sports bag


"Fuck! A second ball just hit me in the ju-" Brad was thinking to himself when


A third ball, comprising the end of the machine's rapid fire setting, slammed directly into the middle of the lower part of the stud's ample bulge. Brad's bulge giggled from the impact, his mouth opened in the perfect 'o' shape, his eyes crossed and the big muscle-bro let out one of the girliest squeals either Dylan or Alex had ever heard as he gingerly reached into his boxer briefs to cup his shattered nutsack. Brad slowly sank to his knees, unable to do anything but groan and make gasping noises. "Time to put him out of his misery?" Dylan asked his brother, "yeah... for now" responded Alex as he pressed a button on the remote firing out one final baseball that smacked Brad right on his forehead knocking the beleaguered jock out cold. 

"Now you see here" said Alex, reviewing the footage with his brother "each of the rapid-fire shots hit our subject right in the balls; you can tell because the lower part of his bulge gets crushed and then jiggles from the impact. You can see from his very visible and audible reaction that they were right on target, and even though he's a strong, muscular male in his prime all it takes to stop him are just a couple of quick taps below the belt. However, that said, like your science teacher will have explained the only way to prove a hypothesis is to test it out on different subjects, and we've still got two other muscular jerks left to take care of." Alex and Dylan shared a smile as the pair began to talk through the plan for their next target...


Back in the locker room, Aaron was still showering off in the increasingly hot water cursing beneath his breath that his rock hard dick didn't seem to want to go down. Mike was pacing irritably up and down between the changing benches. He'd looked everywhere for the guy's gym bags and there were none in sight- not in the lockers, not on or under any of the benches, not anywhere! The bags had their clothes, their wallets, their phones, their car keys, their secret stashes of condoms... everything a guy in his teens or early 20s held dear. 

"Fuck, where the hell is Brad!?" shouted Mike angrily while slamming his fist into a locker door. The 20 year old stud looked especially hunky standing there in just his loosely wrapped white towel, his slender body dripping with the remaining drops of moisture from his shower, his hair still wet, his eight pack abs and sharply chiseled pecs rising and falling with every huff and puff as the pissed off looking college student slowly started to lose his patience with the increasingly long absence of his long-time dorm buddy. 

"You know how shit Brad's sense of direction is" joked Aaron from the steamy shower "he probably took his 'short-cut' through the batting cages again". Mike however couldn't see the humour in the situation, "well I've got an 18 year old cheerleader to meet at 11, so if he doesn't hurry the fuck up I'm gonna beat his ass into next week". Aaron just laughed at Mike's increasing horny frustration as he looked nervously at the clock above the locker room exit which showed the time ticking close to 10.30. 

A few minutes later, with neither sight nor sound of Brad, Mike decided to head out and see what was keeping him so long "if Brad can't deal with a pair of whiny high schoolers himself then I better go do it for him" Mike muttered to Aaron who was still showering as he marched off towards the reception to take care of the trouble-makers and get his night back on track. Not being burdened with Brad's deplorable directional skills, Mike knew the actual short-cut to the reception could be found via the squash court.

As Mike entered the court, he noticed with suspicion that his gym bag was placed right in the middle exactly halfway between the door he had entered and the door that led out the other side to the reception desk. "Little pricks" Mike muttered as he marched barefooted towards his bag.

Back in the security office, Alex and Dylan observed Mike's movements through the CCTV system. "Now, this dumb jock will almost certainly notice the obvious trap, but not the less visible one" Alex said while encouraging his eager student of a brother to watch along closely. 

Through the CCTV cameras the pair noticed Mike had suddenly stopped about 10 feet away from the bag and had started chuckling smugly. "You really think I'm dumb enough to step on the one mouse trap you place out in the open in the middle of a giant court??" Mike shouted, openly mocking the two brothers as he spotted the trap they'd laid out near his bag. "Come on guys, at least try" he scoffed while scratching his broad chest. As he got closer to the mouse trap he suddenly noticed the lingering stench of sweat in the air... "wtf" he thinks to himself, absentmindedly sniffing his pits. Unbeknownst to Mike, while the lads were in the shower the two high-schoolers had gone through each of the jocks' workout tank tops and wrung out the sweat from them in two very specific spots. 

The brothers in the office snickered as they watched him confidently step just to the left of where the mouse trap was laid out. "Ok, watch now!" instructed Alex as Dylan kept his eyes fixed on the monitor. Suddenly, things started happening very quickly for Mike. His left foot landed in a slippery surface destabilizing his muscular frame, he spread his legs wide for his right foot to try and find a stable surface, his right foot landed on the ground on the other side of the mouse trap but to Mike's horror the surface there was also slippery. It only took a few short seconds for the doomed jock to slip in the two puddles of his and his bro's jock sweat causing his towel to unravel as he was forced into the splits, his entire weight crashing to the ground. Suddenly




Every muscle in Mike's gym-fortified body tensed and the colour drained from his face as his mind raced to process what had happened


The hunky hockey star let out a series of deep, terrified screams as his body started wildly thrashing about on the floor, his nuts both stuck in the mousetrap he had come crashing down on, the trap snapping right into the centre of both of his proud balls. The snickering of both Alex and Dylan in the office had descended to full-on hysterical laughter as they watched the extraordinary ways Mike's body would flip and twist and turn as the pain shot through his system. They watched as his dick flopped about like a rag doll in a storm as his hips wildly thrusted in a desperate attempt to release his trapped nuts, his hands futilely tugging at his trapped nards as his entire body poured with sweat. After nearly a minute of screaming and trashing and bucking and tugging, Mike's eyes suddenly rolled back into his head as succumbing from the pain, he mercilessly passed out. 

For the better part of the next 5 minutes, the brothers in the office lost themselves in fits of laughter replaying the scenes they'd witnessed over and over cackling loudly every time they saw Mike's terrified expression as his towel snapped open as he did the splits, leading to his bare balls flopping out on to the mouse trap. 

Eventually regaining composure, Alex turned to his brother, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes and beginning to sit up properly "see little bro, even if you can't hit them with something, you can just trap them with something else... now we've got one more jock to humiliate" he said to his apprentice in pain. "You ready to learn something more?" 

"Actually, I was wondering, what if I set this one up? Get some real hands on experience?" asked the eager Dylan, clearly keen to advance his skills. "I don't know little man, setting up an active task like this while the guy you're targeting is still at large... it's a bit risky" responded Alex, though the older brother did quickly begin to feel bad seeing the disappointment in Dylan's face. "Ah alright, but you have to promise to be careful" said Alex, causing Dylan's face to light back up once more. "I will, I promise!" his younger brother replied enthusiastically, grabbing himself a heavy dumbbell they'd stolen from the indoor fitness centre and a piece of rope they'd found in the maintenance supply closet, heading off toward the locker room where Aaron was still showering...


"Ngghh'' Aaron grunted, his hands slowly working his piece of meat in the steamy shower. The moment Mike had left to look for his older brother, Aaron's mind had started to drift to thoughts of the girl he would inevitably be fucking later that night. He imagined how impressed she'd be by his big dick and his big heavy balls. He thought lustfully of how good it would feel to nut inside a chick after a week long dry spell. Eventually, combined with the intense warmth from the water cascading around him he'd made the hormone-driven decision to take some advice Brad had offered him on his 16th birthday two years prior "always jerk off before you head out to bang a chick, makes you last longer." After a full week with no proper fucking, Aaron was keen to make tonight's main event last as long as possible. The stud let out a series of moans and groans as he got closer and closer to busting a nut...

Meanwhile, Alex watched on approvingly as he monitored the CCTV Cameras and saw Dylan attaching the dumbbell and rope trap to the complex's south exit doors which sat immediately opposite the main exit from the men's locker room. Dylan hurriedly started to make his return, but passing the side exit from the locker room (closest to the showers) he suddenly slipped in the wet footsteps left behind by Mike. Dylan let out a sudden yelp as he fell hard on his back against the ground. 

Aaron's shower wank session was abruptly interrupted by the sound of the yelp followed by a thud from just outside. He had been mere moments away from shooting his mighty load and the interruption practically constituted an edging for the randy jock. "Those fucking kids!!" he yelled in frustration, slamming the taps of the shower to off and marching out towards the exit bare naked, his hard teenaged prick still bouncing against his toned abs. Alex watched with horror on the monitor as Aaron emerged from the side exit, just a couple of feet from where Dylan was standing having just regained composure from his fall. "What are you doing here you little shit!?" Aaron demanded, sending Dylan into a panicked sprint. "Hey! Get back here!" shouted Aaron, taking off after him. "Oh shit..." muttered Alex as he realised the pair were running back towards the indoor general purpose court that their soccer team had played in earlier. The 16 year old leapt off his seat and began running in the hopes he'd make it there before Aaron did, on his way he passed by the open door to the centre's equipment storage room; "ah perfect" he said to no-one in particular as he spied just the tool that might help him bring down the larger bully.

Dylan meanwhile burst through the doors to the large general purpose court with Aaron just a few paces behind him. "Get back here you little fucker, I'm gonna beat your ass!" the older boy yelled as he got closer. Dylan was only a few feet inside the large hall when he was brutally tackled to the ground by the soccer star, Alex meanwhile took advantage of the commotion to sneak in through the still open door and duck behind the bleachers that ran along the wall adjacent to where Aaron had tackled Dylan. He watched in growing anger as the mean jock manhandled his little brother and picked him up by the collar and holding him in the air so that the two found themselves face to face, Dylan's back facing the bleachers where Alex was hiding. 

Aaron's face was full of rage as his grip tightened on Dylan's collar, the panicked younger kid looking terrified as the jock's face seethed with rage. "Listen here you little asshole" Aaron started shouting, remembering exactly how his brother had taught him to deal with nerds and geeks "do you know who I am? I'm the biggest fucking deal in indoor soccer this city has seen in a generation. So if you and your nerdy brother want any kind of future in this sport you won't fuck with me!" Dylan nodded and gulped, still petrified of what the older boy was going to do. Aaron stood menacingly, his legs nice and wide for balance, his mammoth dick though a little softer was still pointed skywards, his heavy balls swinging gently beneath and hanging extra low and sensitive thanks to the hot shower water. "I'd be in my right mind to beat the living shit out of you!" Aaron yelled, louder this time as he started to aggressively shake Dylan "but I'll let you off easy, one punch to the face, it'll make a man out of you." Aaron smirked as Dylan's eyes started to tear up "please.. no" the younger kid said but Aaron just grinned more, holding him by one hand and pulling the other back readying for the punch "don't worry dude" the older teen responded, "it'll be over before you know it, and who knows maybe one day you'll thank me." Dylan closed his eyes as Aaron pulled back his fist ready to be in a world of pain when all of a sudden


For a moment there was dead silence as four shots rung out across the gym hall. Dylan tentatively opened his eyes only to see his tormentor staring back at him though perhaps not looking at him, more as if he were just staring off into space and Dylan just happened to be in the way. His eyes were wide open, his jaw was hanging down as he futilely gasped for breath. The arm that was holding Dylan aloft was slowly starting to shake as every muscle in the beefcake's powerful upper body started to tremble. Dylan peered down to see four bright paint marks on the stud's junk. Two were splotched across the meaty undershaft of his rapidly softening dick, and the other two were right on target in the dead centre of each of his mighty balls. Suddenly a familiar voice rang out across the hall "Kick him in the nuts, bro!" shouted Alex, and Dylan started giggling having realised what must have happened. He looked into Aaron's pleading eyes before swinging back his right leg and connecting hard with the lower two of the paint stains on the tough teen's big, masculine junk. Aaron suddenly let out a deep, guttural groan as he dropped Dylan and tumbled sideways onto the floor, cupping his aching manhood. Dylan watched out of curiosity as the big bully's entire body practically convulsed and the once cocky macho-man was practically hyperventilating as his abs rhythmically flexed under the increasing pressure of the sudden pain, before suddenly everything went limp and he passed out completely overwhelmed by the sensations that were radiating from his groin.

At that moment Dylan felt a reassuring hand tap him on the shoulder, and turned around to see Alex having emerged from behind the bleachers brandishing a paintball gun. "Alex, I'm so sorry!" Dylan started to apologise but was interrupted by his brother "Dylan you have nothing to be sorry for, remember every mistake is just an opportunity to learn, and hey I might have helped with this old thing.." Alex gestured at the gun "but you're the one who kicked this literal 18 year old hunk of sport and gym built muscle in the balls and sent him to the ground! I'm so proud of you man!" Alex hugged his younger brother, and started to peer over at the passed out specimen that was Aaron. 

"Hmm..." Alex began wondering aloud "I have absolutely no idea why this guy's passed out so easily- I was expecting to have to teach you about how to send a guy to sleep with a few sharp squeezes but just a kick and some paintball shots seem to have done it."

"Could it maybe have something to do with him being hard?" inquired Dylan, still curious to learn. "He had a full-on boner when he came out of the showers"

"Ah the showers" laughed Alex "that explains it, if he was still showering he must have been in there for well over an hour, and that length of time in that hot, steamy water that you set to tick up a couple of degrees every five minutes would send any guy crazy. He must have been jerking off when you caught him. When a guy's been jerking off and when his junk has been exposed to heat it makes his dick and balls super sensitive. That must be why he passed out so easy." 

Dylan smiled brightly as he gained this valuable knowledge from his big bro "so what's next?" he asked. "Let's go back to the locker room. You've got a couple of scrapes on your knees from when this asshole tackled you, we can get you washed up at the sinks or the showers in there."

The two brothers made their way back to the men's locker room, and had just entered when they stumbled across a naked Brad sitting on one of the benches. He'd discarded his boxer briefs and was gently handling his bruised and swollen balls inspecting closely for damage, his huge set barely fitting into the palms of his hands. When he looked up his eyes were full of rage "You little fucks!" He yelled leaping to his feet and starting to chase towards the pair of younger kids, "fuck, Dylan run!" yelled Alex as his mind raced to think of how they were gonna get out of this one...


Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Nutty Ads (Video Collection)

Hey guys, here's a collection of my favourite ads where dudes get their nuts smashed. I'll be updating this post whenever I add new ones. To see them as I find them, follow me on Instagram

This first ad is probably my favourite of all time, I first saw it as a kid and as an adult I often think back to it when looking for story inspiration. Our leading man brings back a date to his pad and is clearly getting ready to seal the deal... all until he makes the error of offering to whip up some Walls microwave sausages as a quick snack, forgetting his ravenous dog's appetite for the treats.

In this next ad, our protagonist learns the hard way that being a Dad doesn't make you the boss. At least he has some cold ice cream on hand to soothe his low hangers :/

This one's for the dudes that played soccer. Remember your first time forming a wall during a free kick? Remember how scared you were at being hit in the sack? While there's lots of ways to try and protect yourself in this situation, this commercial is here to remind us that the one thing you should never do is turn around.

This ad for an Australian ski resort tries to portray the place as being a bit like Vegas (I've been there, it's not). Apparently this bloke got up to something so scandalous that not even his girlfriend was allowed to find out what happened, that is until she decided to take matters into her own hands

^this ad was part of a larger series of ads about people keeping secrets about what went on in Thredbo. This couple actually appeared twice, there was a prequel where the guy wakes up in the middle of the night and starts getting hurriedly dressed telling the girl sleeping next to him that his girlfriend will be home soon. Plot twist: the dude's girlfriend is the girl in the bed and it turns out he was dreaming that he was still in Thredbo. The ad above is the follow-up presumably the next day where she tries to get to the bottom of what he had gotten up to while he was away.

Ravenous dogs make a comeback in this ad. Though only the lead up to and aftermath of the nutshot are shown with the bite just implied, I absolutely love the panicked expression on the guy's face when the dog moves in for the biscuit.

This ad is pretty weird and to be honest when I first saw it I didn't quite follow so here's a quick plot summary: 1- girl seduces dumb, hot guy 2- girl convinces dumb, hot guy to rob the bank she works at 3- dumb, hot guy robs the bank 4- girl's secret lesbian lover appears and kicks the guy in the nuts and takes the money. Presumably the implied ending is that the girl's make off with the money while dumb, hot guy goes to jail and doesn't get any all because of a well timed kick to the balls. I absolutely love that idea myself, but I'm not sure it would convince me to buy tights...

This ad is an important reminder of two critical life lessons: don't get cocky, and in sport always keep your eyes on the ball.

Ok damn, baseball is clearly a dangerous game for any guy that's pitching. But if you're thinking that means its safe to play somewhere else on the field or even just go and watch a game you'd be dangerously wrong....

This post is updated from time to time whenever I see a new advert I like, so remember to check back again in the future for even more nutty ads!

Saturday, 14 November 2020


 Hey readers!

Sorry it's been a while. Truth be truth I've lost some of my writing motivation for the Bull Cock On The Subway series. That's not to say that I won't be posting the rest of it but I'll likely be taking a little break from it until the spark comes back for the stories. I'm sorry to those that have been waiting to read how the series ends, but when I do finish it off I want to make sure I give it the best writing I can and to be honest I'm just not in the right space for that at the moment. 

However, the good news is that I have some other stories lined up that will be good to publish soon. I hope to have a more comedic story up on the blog some time in the coming week about a group of college jocks that make the mistake of getting on the bad side of two high-school brothers that decide to take their revenge. 

For more regular content make sure you subscribe to ombstories4real on Instagram where I post videos and pictures. As always, if you have any feedback I'm happy to hear it!

Cheers for now,


Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Fan Sequel: Bull Cock on The Subway 5

This is the next part of my fan sequel to Jayse's Bull Cock on the Subway. You can read Jayse's original here, treat that as part one of this story.
Here, you can read part 2part 3 and part 4
This story doesn't make complete sense without the previous parts (particularly part 4) so if you haven't read them I encourage you to do so.


One week earlier

It was late, very late. Sean had been planning on going out tonight after the gym and seeing if he could pick up a couple of hot bimbos to have some fun with, but now he was just too exhausted. After working out every muscle in his hot, well defined body for nearly 4 hours he just couldn't will himself to get changed and head downtown no matter how much sex it would guarantee him. Tonight though, Sean wouldn't be needing sex. His hard 14 inch cock strained the fabric of his jeans as he thought about what he'd seen earlier.

Usually, Sean (or "The Bullstud" as he liked to call himself), would have jogged back the 4 miles from his gym downtown to his apartment, but he was so shattered from his workout that instead he decided to catch the subway. He had ended up right at the edge of his carriage next to the sliding doors with the next carriage; the carriage on the other side of the doors was a no-go zone thanks to a wild dog and some unruly young punks. The journey was largely uneventful until halfway through when suddenly he noticed one of the punks jump through the doors from the carriage beyond theirs, and with it he hauled a monster dick and a plump set of balls that became trapped by the doors. Sean couldn't believe it when he saw the face on the other side of the glass was his gym nemesis Max.

Max had always been a complete dick at the gym for as long as Sean could remember, never putting back equipment, always belittling people who couldn't bench as much as him, whipping guys in the nuts with his towel in the change room... yeah Max was a complete fuckwit and Sean had always fantasised about dominating the cocky prick. The worst thing about Max though was the unfair competition he brought when it came to picking up girls. As two of the city's most prolific players, Sean and Max were regular competition for each other at the city's nightclubs.

Max would always play dirty though; twice in the past couple of weeks Max had cost Sean a wild night of sex, I mean sure Sean had done the same a couple of times but he always used smooth chat up lines, he never physically hurt anyone; Max did not play by those rules. Last Friday, Sean had successfully chatted up this hot weather girl, but when she went to the bathroom a sneaky Max walked past Sean while covertly snapping out the back of his hand to nutcheck the taller stud. In Sean's ensuing doubling over, he knocked over his drink causing it to crash on the floor. When Max alerted a security guard to Sean's "drunk and disorderly behaviour", the guard was left convinced when he walked over to find smashed glass and Sean doubled over retching. Sean was kicked out and the next day Max's Instagram was flooded with photos of his conquest. Then, just last night Sean had basically sealed the deal with two sexy blondes; Sean being diligent headed off to the bathroom to buy a condom only to return to find Max making out with one of them while the other had her hands buried in his pants stroking his 13 inch dick. 

Max though, no longer had a 13 inch dick nor the balls to produce his legendary thick ropes of cum. Max was no longer competition for Sean because tonight his pride and joy had been all munched up by some stupid dog. HA! What a fucking pathetic ending to Max's sex life; and unbeknownst to Max, Sean had seen it all happen.

Sean slowly peeled off his jeans that he had changed into after the gym, feeling the air around his thighs and crotch as his loose stripy boxers slowly allowed for circulation. He teased his prick by slowly unbuttoning his fly, eventually allowing his already fully erect dick to spring to attention. Sean peeled off his T-shirt, revealing his perfectly sculpted torso; the stud looked at his reflection in the mirror, watching his powerful chest rise and fall with every one of his deep breaths while enjoying the way his body glistened in the reflection.

The bullstud closed his eyes, and slowly but forcefully began stroking his thick, juicy bone while replaying the scenes of Max losing his manhood over and over in his head. He kept on at it until finally his donkey dick spewed huge ropes of cum all over his pecs and washboard abs. On and on he went, continually jerking his bloated schlong until he climaxed again, and again, and again. Sean stayed up all night milking his horse cock dry, a pattern that would repeat itself over the next 2 nights. 

Over the three evenings of ecstasy, Sean's fantasies had progressed. He dreamed of drilling Max's virgin butthole with his fuck stick, making the eunuch his total bitch; now of course Sean wasn't gay, this was all about power. He pictured making Max watch as he kissed his curled biceps, played with his full and mighty balls and stroked himself off to completion just to mock him. He wanted nothing more than to hear Max's yells of pain as he caved in his tight hole with 14 inches of pure man meat, to listen to him beg for it to stop only for Sean to pound harder. 

"Yeah, this is what a real stud feels like you fucker" Sean moaned as he fapped his donkey dick. He was on his fifth load of the night, in his imagination he was thrusting his pelvis into Max's face forcing the ex-stud to swallow his seed. He had bound Max's hands behind his back and forced him to wear a dog collar to show what a little bitch he was. Sean scoffed at the idea "imagine being such a pathetic man, letting yourself be completely owned by another dude... and a dog collar- HA!". Sean knew he would never experience that kind of humiliation, nah we has the bull stud, he was the fucking man! With that self affirmation, the muscle bro was driven over the edge and left himself, his bed sheets and even some of his walls covered in thick wads of his hyper-virile cum. 

After another night of jerking off over Max, Sean was getting restless at just dreaming of owning his foe, he wanted to actually do it, to actually feel Max's body tremble in his hands. He needed a plan of action, a way to capture the stud and turn him into Sean's little bitch...

Sean would spend the next few days staking out Max's apartment trying to come up with some plan that would allow him to gain access to the complex without breaking in, I mean he wasn't a dick like Max, he wasn't just going to go breaking the law. He spent his time hanging around outside the apartment building directly opposite Max's, and it was from this position earlier today that Sean first saw another tall, handsome guy heading up to Max's apartment; carrying beer and a fantasy football video game. Fuck! Those were Max's favourite things, was this guy... no, no way. There was no way some other guy had already taken advantage of Max, this had to be a friend surely... but how could he be sure? How could he be sure that this mystery character hadn't already beaten him to the job? No, this was crazy, he'd let this all get to his head. But still, he just needed to know.

Sean was snapped back into reality at the sound of a car horn beeping at him. A van plastered with "Dannunzio's Plumbing Services" sat in front of him trying to turn into the service driveway of the apartment building opposite Max's, an older scruffy gentlemen leaned out the window yelling "Ay, get out of the way asshole!", Sean took a few steps back as the van pulled up beside him. A skinny young guy hopped out of the passenger seat in his overalls carrying a heavy toolbox. Sean couldn't help but overhear the older driver barking orders at the young man "See, straight down that alley the big white door? That's the service entry, use this key pass to get in and head to Mrs. Lang's in apartment 22" 
"Yes, Mr Dannunzio" the young man politely nodded, accepting the key pass. "And listen carefully son, one more fuck up outta you today, and you've had it- you hear me?" 
The young man gulped and nodded once more in comprehension. "Right, I'll be back in half an hour, this job is super simple so you should be finished by then- I'll get you right here". With that, the van pulled away and the young plumber, who couldn't have been a day over 19, headed up the alley to the service door.

A wicked idea shot through Sean's mind; but no! He wasn't like Max, he wouldn't do something bad to another person. Then again, he'd been playing the nice guy so far, and how was that working out for him? Sean was torn and conflicted, his dick saying one thing but his sense of morality saying another. If only the universe would send him a sign... just then an unearthly shriek came from Max's apartment. Fuck, what was going on up there? Was this guy fucking Max? Was he fucking Max's virgin hole before Sean had even had a chance?? No fucking way. 
With that, Sean's mind was made up, and he sauntered down the alley.

The young plumber had just swiped into the building when he heard footsteps behind him, walking, jogging, no... running. He was just about to turn around when OOOOFFF, a foot went flying between his legs from behind, hitting him right in his barely-adult balls. The lad let out a series of low, pitiful groans as he slid down to the floor, clutching his gonads. Before he could so much as look up, a powerful blow to the head from above knocked him unconscious.

Sean tossed aside the crowbar he'd picked up lying on the ground next to the service door and sat the unconscious boy up against the wall next to the door. Leaning down, Sean inspected the name tag on the boy's overalls "Sorry 'Ben', I'm gonna need just one more thing from you", Sean chuckled at his own villain like phrasing as he stripped the poor lad down to his drawers. Sean did however feel a bit sorry for Ben's future fatherhood prospects, so decided to do a little check to make sure everything was OK after his nasty kick. He deftly unbuttoned the fly of Ben's boxers and retrieved his meat and two veg. His balls were a little red, but nothing a bag of ice wouldn't fix; Sean was however transfixed on the boy's mammoth dick- it must have been 11 inches long while still soft! Sean couldn't help but feel a sense of great respect for the pure size of what Ben was packing, looking on like a proud big-dick dad admiring a big-dick son carrying on the family business.

With that, Sean headed into the apartment building, neglecting to tuck back in neither Ben's cock nor balls. Sean changed into his new found overalls, hiding his own clothes under the stairs. Despite them being relatively baggy on Ben, they were still an extremely tight fit for the muscly Sean; the uniform carefully hugging every part of his body leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. He dutifully made his way to apartment 22 to great Mrs. Lang. It was then he found out he was there to repair a relatively minor leak in the bathroom sink, and boy was he in luck- the bathroom sink looked directly over to Max's living room in the opposite building.

After making sure Mrs. Lang was well clear of the bathroom, Sean set about looking through the window to observe his rival-turned-sex-fantasy. Sean's cock instantly jumped at what it saw, Max completely naked sauntering about his lounge room with a great big smooth patch right where his manhood used to be, carrying a whip of all things, kinky little fucker. Sean couldn't resist the opportunity to jerk off his rock-hard dick. He stood by the window vigorously chugging his meat, fantasising about destroying little dickless Max. He closed his eyes breathing heavily as he began picturing in explicit detail every hole he'd fuck Max in, every facial expression Max would incredulously pull as his former rival owned him in every position.
It must have been a good 3 or 4 minutes until Sean opened his eyes again, though disappointingly Max was no longer in the living room. 

Sean chose to have a seat on the toilet while continuing to picture his fantasy. He imagined sneaking up on Max from behind, wrestling his whip from him and using it to beat him to submission. He imagined handcuffing Max to his bed as he forced him to deep-throat Sean's massive dick. 
Sean slowly felt his load rising in his nuts, a deep tingling began to emanate from his loins as he approached the culmination of well over 20 minutes of stroking his monster. 
Approaching his final destination, Sean stood up facing the window ready to shoot his load as he hoped to take in the visual of Max's smooth groin one more time. 
What he saw shook him, stopping his powerful orgasm mere seconds before ejaculation. Max and his 'friend' were now lying on the floor, Max's naked body pressed up against his friend who was also stripped bare, all while vigorously rubbing his friend's dick!

Sean's lust turned into a burning rage, fuck he was gonna kill that other guy! How dare he come in here and steal his fucktoy! He was gonna fucking pay. Sean was busy stuffing his bloated fuckmeat back into his overalls when he saw the van pull back into the driveway below. "Shit!"
He grabbed his toolbox and made a bolt for the door muttering something about needing another tool to Mrs. Lang. He managed to make it back down to the service door and hurriedly change into his own clothes. He was about to step back into the alley when he heard Mr. Dannunzio yelling.
"What the fuck do you call this, Ben?!"
"No... sir... I wasn't..."
"I mean I give you a job, a simple fucking job for half an hour, and I come back, you've lost the keypass, you've lost your uniform and you're just lying here with your cock out like a sick pervert!"
"No! Mr Dannunzio, I swear..."
"I don't give a fuck Ben, this is one excuse too many. You're fucking fired."
"No please!"
"Make your own way home you sick fuck"
With that, Mr Dannunzio's van screeched away and Ben could be heard quietly sobbing through the door.
Fuck, what was he gonna do? Sean thought to himself. But then he remembered, Ben had never even seen him. He tossed Ben's overalls into the dumpster sitting at the bottom of the stairs and confidently strolled out of the building. Feigning shock at the near-naked boy sitting on the doorstep, Sean pretended to offer sympathy.
"Hey buddy, what happened here?"
"I... I don't even know, but I lost my job"
Taking his coat off, Sean reached out his hand to the boy.
"What's your name?"
"It's Ben"
"Ben, take my jacket and $50 to get yourself home"
Between self-pitying sobs, Ben slid the jacket on. "Thank you, you're such a good guy"
Ben headed off down the street in his boxers and jacket trying to hail a cab as Sean resumed watching Max's apartment.
"Yeah" Sean thought to himself as he squeezed his monster dick "I'm such a good guy..."


Not long passed before an interesting development; for the first time all week, Max came out of his apartment. He was with his friend, the two now fully dressed. Max was giddy, excitedly muttering about something as the two walked up the street. Sean was fascinated, it was like a side of Max he'd never seen before, instead of the usual 'fuck everyone' dudebro attitude, he seemed to have adopted an almost child-like persona with the excitement of a kid heading to the candy store. Curious as to what could possibly be causing this reaction, Sean decided to follow the two several paces behind on their journey.

About 15 minutes later, Sean watched the two heading into another apartment block. Was this where the other dude lived? Surely they weren't going to fuck again!? Nah, no way was Sean gonna let that happen.
He crept up the stairs behind the two hunks, keeping two flights of stairs between them so he wouldn't be spotted. Hearing the pair stop on the third level, Sean listened to their hushed tones before eventually they disappeared inside the apartment.
Slowly edging his way up the staircase, Sean eventually found himself standing outside what he presumed to be Max's friend's apartment. Placing his ear against the door, Sean could hear the sound of screaming and moaning, though Sean could never have known what he was hearing was a vicious dog attack rather than the wild sex he was imagining. 

Sean started burning with anger. Fuck this other guy. Fuck Max. Fuck both of them....
That phrasing sat with Sean for a minute before he smirked to himself "yeah... fuck both of them". 
With that, Sean disappeared back out of the apartment building and went to fetch some some rope and some garden sheers from a hardware store across town. 

A little over an hour later, Sean returned to the apartment. In his mind he was dreaming of his plan. He was going to tie up both Max and his little slut and then force Max to watch as he demanned his buddy with the garden shears before taking turns to fuck them both in the ass until he was all out of cum. 
With his dick getting hard as a rock, Sean decided to get undressed so he could get to the fucking as quick as possible.

He pulled off his tight fighting t-shirt, then slid off his jeans before finally tearing off his ridiculously tented boxers, leaving him standing in the hallway naked and ready to dominate. He leaned gently against the door, one hand secure to the doorframe above and one hand slapping his pulsing cock against his washboard abs.

Sean paused to reflect on his stunning physique, being intoxicated by his masculine scent as he watched his pecs rise and fall with every one of his deep breaths, saw his biceps twitch every time he slapped his dick against his impressive eight-pack. Fuck, he was such a stud, and he was about to prove it in a way he'd never done before.

Sean was so turned on that he couldn't help but start to stroke his straining dick. He kept imagining how hot it was going to be to totally dominate the dumb eunuch and his soon-to-be eunuch fuck buddy inside. Suddenly, Sean felt his massive, heavy balls pull up in his sack ready to spurt a huge load. Quickly aborting mission to save his cum for Max and his bro's tight virgin assholes, Sean felt a shiver run down his spine as he accidentally edged himself. 

The big hapless stud groaned as his body cooled off from the delayed orgasm. Quietly panting he leaned against the door, sweat gently dripping from his pits down the side of his chiseled torso. 
Standing up straight, Sean gave himself a pep talk. "Come on bro, you're a fucking stud, now go show these two little faggots who the man is around here!"

With a burst of confidence, grabbing his rope in one hand and his shears in the other Sean charged at the door which nearly flew off its hinges as he cried "WHO'S READY FOR SOME REAL MAN, FUCKERS!?"

As soon as Sean made it through the door, he was stunned into silence by what he saw. A group of young guys were holding down Max's friend naked while brandishing what looked like a cock cage, a girl was filming the whole thing and Max was nowhere to be seen.

"What the fuck..." Sean started to mutter, then all hell broke loose.

*To be continued*

Monday, 11 May 2020

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Hey folks,

I decided to start an Instagram account as a place to post all the little videos and pictures that I love, but weren't necessarily a big enough deal for me to write a story out of. I'll probably upload a variety of more lighthearted things there, think ads, guys goofing around, perfectly timed pictures of pranks or accidents etc. 

My first post is my favourite commercial of all time. In it, the protagonist has managed to get a girl round to his apartment (you can figure out what for), and decides to throw together a quick late-night snack before whatever he's got planned next. But things go haywire when he's attacked by his ravenous dog, and both his ass and his balls pay the price. To add to the humiliation, the girl walks in on him in his boxers with the dog, getting weirded out she decides to call it a night, leaving our hapless lad with a set of crushed nuts and nowhere to bury his bone :/. Ironically, all of this happens in a commercial for a sausage company.

To see this and future videos/pictures, make sure to follow me here:

Someone's gonna regret standing with his legs so wide apart

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Fan Sequel: Bull Cock On The Subway 4

This is the next part of my fan sequel to Jayse's Bull Cock on the Subway. You can read Jayse's original here, treat that as part one of this story.
Here, you can read part 2 and part 3.
This story doesn't make complete sense without the previous parts so if you haven't read them I encourage you to do so.
My story also ties into a short story from Buster's Cracked Nuts blog. This part is not essential to understanding the backstory but it's a very fun read and gives you more insight into this story. Click here to read it (the linked post is a collection of three short stories, the relevant one is the third one). 

Warning: this story contains permanent damage

Max and I practically bounced up the stairs to the punk's third floor apartment. It was great to finally see Max energetic and full of life again, he was so excited to steal the punk's dick and leave him just as miserable as he had been this past week. The whole way over he hadn't stopped talking about how excited he was to get a dick again, "dude, the first thing I'm gonna do is lock myself in my room and just jerk off for like a full day, it's gonna be so sick bro". Damn, Max was gonna be so disappointed when he found out that you can't just attach another guy's dick and have it work the same, but that was a bridge we could cross later. We'd just made it to the door of apartment 3E, tucked away in the corner of the building, nice and secluded from the other apartments on the floor which was great as it reduced the chance of anyone hearing anything. "Ok bro, whatever happens from here, we're in it together. No backing out, yeah?" I asked. Max nodded.

With that, I fetched my tension wrench and lock-picking rakes and went to work undoing the lock on the punk's door. After a short while, we heard a loud click and the door slowly creaked open. It was a surprisingly big, art deco style apartment; frankly, it was impressive and a real wonder how this young guy in his early 20s was affording something so elaborate in this neighbourhood. On our left was a large king size bed, to our right a deserted living space. There was a kitchen at the back of the apartment, and a small corridor. With no sign of the punk in any of the open plan areas, we crept toward the small corridor, where we were faced with 3 doors. An ajar door on our left revealed the immaculate bathroom. In front of us was a large steel door with a pin-pad lock installed which was extremely out of place for this kind of apartment. To our right a normal wooden door with no weird pin-pad. Sharing a look of understanding, we knew we had to try opening this door. Max looked at me encouragingly, "c'mon bro, you're closest" he whispered. 
Creeping forward, I gently pressed on the door allowing it to slowly swing open.
That's when we heard the growl.

It all happened in a flash, the door had opened wide into a room full of dog stuff, and out came leaping the same mut that had demanned Max this time last week. Before I could do anything, the dog charged at me with force, jumping onto its hind legs and digging its teeth right into the bulging mound in my crotch.
I let out the highest pitch scream I've ever let out as I tumbled onto my ass, the dog still munching away. Max dived into action, trying his best to pull the rabid dog away from my most precious assets. My sex life flashed before my eyes as I felt my thick cock and over-sized balls twist, compress, crack and deform through my jeans as the dog's jaws locked onto them like a vice. All I could do was lay there and groan pitifully as sweat poured down my face, occasionally managing to murmur "fuck" or "my balls..."
Max was pulling the dog as hard as he could from behind as I tried my best to push it away from my crotch. I could feel the pressure on my fuckstick building to a crescendo, knowing I was mere seconds away from my dick finally tearing into pieces and ending up nothing more than Max2.0 with seemingly nothing either my or Max's bulging biceps could do to stop it.

Just then a loud beep sounded and the door of the pin-pad locked room opened, the punk emerged wearing only a pair of jeans that revealed the waistband of some neon lime boxer briefs. His toned, but not overly muscular naked torso accentuating his boyish good looks. Despite my predicament I couldn't help but admire the hot little bastard as he stood in front of us in a state of shock.
"Monster!" He yelled, the dog instantly let go of my crotch and scurried back into its room. The punk shut the door, turning around and started to say "and who the FUCK are..."
Max, enraged the moment he laid eyes on the punk, had lunged at him from behind and with a powerfully connecting fist to the head knocked the punk out stone cold. Baffled by the sequence of events and in excruciating pain, I mercilessly passed out for the second time that day.


When I awoke I was laying on one of the couches in the punk's living room.
Man, what a fucked up day. As I slowly came to, I had a brief moment of panic as my senses started to register a numbness emanating from my crotch. Fortunately, as I peered down I realised that was likely from the huge bag of ice Max must have carefully placed there as he let me recover.
Slowly sitting up on the couch, I was relieved to find I still had feeling downstairs as I gave my dick a gentle squeeze. Satisfied that all was still in working order (if a little tender), I slowly began to find my feet hobbling off of the couch.
Turning around I saw the most delightful scene; on the large king bed, Max had tied the punk up just as he had with me earlier today. Handcuffs securing his arms to the railing behind his head, jeans tying one of his legs to the one of the bedposts, a tank top that had been discarded on the floor tying his other leg, his own lime green boxer briefs stuffed in his mouth as a gag. The punk was moaning into the make-shift gag as Max teased his nipples to their fully erect position.
I watched as Max then cruelly twisted the punk's nipples to the extreme as the squirming young man screamed into the fabric of his underwear.

Turning around, Max seemed delighted to see me.
"Look at him bro!" he yelled from across the room "not such a punk now is he?"
The punk shot back a death stare at Max, as if he was saying he was gonna kill him but unable to do so with his mouth.
I made my way over to the bed, pretty impressed by Max's handiwork.
"Has he been awake for long?"
"Just a few minutes, but we've been having a lot of fun, haven't we? Max said condescendingly as he patted the punk's head.
"You want me to go to the kitchen and see what I can grab for the finale?" I asked
"No, not yet. I wanna make him suffer" Max laughed sadistically.
Leaning forward, he began stroking the punk's taught abdomen and chest, causing the punk's dick to stiffen. Max continued teasing the punk for several minutes until his cocky cock was rock hard and pointed straight up.
"Not bad, stud, that looks like a solid 9 inches there. A bit of a downgrade from the original model, but it'll do" Max thought out loud.
When the tied up punk shot him a quizzical look, Max couldn't hide his glee
"Oh, me and my buddy here are gonna take from you what you took from me. We'll hop over the state line with some fake IDs and get the doctors to reattach your dick and balls to me. Then I'll be a fuck-stud again, and you'll just be the dumb little boy who can't even jerk one out in the shower anymore"
Max couldn't help laughing at his own characterisations as our tied up enemy's face was scarred with the look of panic and terror.
Max spent the next several minutes ball-torturing and cock-teasing the punk, reveling at the sight of the punk moaning in frustration, sweating in fear and groaning in pain.
Looking at the clock on the wall and realising we'd now been here for almost an hour, I tried to talk Max into just collecting our prize and going, but Max was having none of it. He was adamant about taking as much time as possible for his revenge.

Nearly another hour went by of Max's increasingly intense ball-torturing session. What had started off as a series of squeezes, pinches and slaps had turned into full-on punching, kicking, stomping and crushing. If it weren't for the gag, the punk would be screaming bloody murder by now.
Finally, sweaty, exhausted and satisfied Max turned to me with a wink, signalling it was time to end this. 
I headed to the kitchen, successfully retrieving a sharpened carving knife.

Max couldn't be happier, nor the punk more disappointed with my choice of tool.
Handing the knife to Max to do the honours as I felt my cock twitch with excitement, I heard what sounded like footsteps coming down the hall outside the apartment door.

Max was lost in his own little world by this point however, angling the knife up against the base of the punk's pulsing dick.
"Get ready to say good-bye to your little man" Max winked as he took a swing with the knife...
The punk closed his eyes in anticipation of his unmanning.

Just as Max was about to end the punk's sex life for good, the apartment door opened and five of the punk's goons burst in.
Both Max and I froze at this unexpected turn of events.
"What the fuck is going on here?" one demanded.
Max slowly began to stutter, desperate to find some kind of explanation.
"Hey, wait a minute" asked another one "I recognise you, you're the guy from the subway- Monster bit your dick off!" he said, pointing accusingly at Max.
Before we knew what was happening, the four young guys were on us. Two tackled me to the ground at the waist, pinning me against the floor. Another two grabbed Max by the arms, shoving him against the wall and holding him in place. The girl among them raced to the bed, untying the punk, ripping his now-soaking briefs from his mouth.
"Oh my God! Taylor are you ok?" she asked, genuinely concerned.
"These bastards were trying to fucking cut my dick off, look at the knife that one had!" the punk blurted out, gesturing at the carving knife Max had dropped to the floor during the initial assault.
"Where's the key for these?" the girl asked, tugging at his handcuffs
"The dickless one has them in his jeans"
The girl walked over to Max, still pushed up against the wall by two of the guys and slapped him across the face.
"That'll teach you to mess with my boyfriend" she snarled, reaching into his pockets until she found the set of keys.
"And you're lucky Monster already ate your balls or I'd be fucking them up so bad right now"
She stormed off back to the bed, unlocking her boyfriend and giving him a huge kiss on the lips.
"Are you sure you're ok baby?" she asked
"Yeah, I'll be fine... not sure we can say the same for these two suckers though" he said, pointing at us.
"Do you want us to take them to the backroom, boss?" One of the goons pinning me down asked.
The punk got up, sliding on a pair of loose joggers from his closet.
"I think we should show these two what we do here, don't you?" he answered. The goons let out a shared laugh, seemingly enjoying some kind of in-joke.

With that the two guys pinning me down lifted me to my feet and slowly backed off as the other two guys released Max from his position against the wall.

"Ok boys, you're outnumbered six to two here, so no funny business and no-one gets hurt, ok?" he asked.
He stared at both of us until we begrudgingly responded with "ok".
"Well, nice to meet you both properly, I'm Taylor. Follow me."

Being shoved by the group of guys now positioned between us and the door, we decided to play it safe and follow this Taylor guy through the apartment and down the hall back towards the mysterious room with the pin-pad lock and the heavy metal door.

Taylor stood in front of us, his five gang members behind him, blocking our only way out of the corridor.

"So, gentlemen you're probably wondering what all this is about."
"Together, we run a business that deals with the transport of well-built guys to rich owners looking for... let's say a little extra help around the house."
Max and I shared a perplexed look.
"It all started a couple of years back, I was at a barbecue with my dog Monster. I gather you are both familiar with him." Taylor said winking "when Monster got the taste for a particularly specific form of meat."
"My poor old friends Marshall and Chad were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and well let's just say they didn't leave the park that day the same men they were when they arrived."
"Obviously, I was really distressed by what happened when I first saw it. I started drinking a lot and blowing all my money at strip joints trying to get the images of that day out of my head. One night though, at a pricey titty bar downtown, I met this super rich guy. Like, multi-billionaire rich, you know?"
"Anyway, I got talking to him about what happened that day at the park and he got out this pen and cheque book. He wrote out this cheque for $50,000. And I was like 'dude, what's this for?' and he told me to bring Marshall and Chad with me to this address at a certain time and I'd get to keep the cheque. Well, being a broke young guy in the big city, I couldn't exactly say no."
"So, I dropped off the two eunuchs under the pretense of it being an experimental 'Grow Your Dick Back' medical clinic, the rich guy hands me the cheque and Marshall and Chad get shipped off to wherever the fuck they are now."

What the fuck was this guy talking about? Shipping guys off? This was like the plot of some dumb blockbuster. Surely Taylor was just messing with us at this point.

"The business grew, now we ship off probably two or three a week. And this is where we keep them."
Taylor turned around entering some pin on the pinpad. The heavy metal door opened and we followed Taylor inside.

The room was dark, covered in what looked like soundproofing and was entirely barren except for six large metal animal cages against the back wall. The cages were stacked in two rows, with three on the bottom and three on the top. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I noticed with horror that four of the cages had... oh my God, they had naked dudes in them. Two naked guys in two of the bottom cages, and two naked guys in two of the top cages.

"We have two key types of products available for our customers" smiled Taylor
"Guys without dicks" he said tapping on the bottom row of cages.
"And guys with dicks", he tapped on the top row of cages "all locked away for your peace of mind, of course" he added.
"These two here are ready to be shipped out tomorrow, aren't you guys" he said beaming at the two guys in the left-most cages.
They merely groaned in response.
As we got closer, I could see Taylor wasn't joking. The guy on the bottom cage had a completely smooth groin just like Max, meanwhile the guy above him had his dick secured in a metal cock cage. I shuddered at the mere thought.

One of Taylor's goons handed him an iPad, opened with an app that looked like it was linked to a security camera system. Flicking back to an evening about a week ago, Taylor pulled up on the screen a shot of his living room.
"These two guys here" he said, gesturing back at the two in the cages, must be the dumbest pair of cops you've ever seen.
The guys in the cages groaned again.
"Watch this", he said between laughter, turning the iPad to face us.
In the footage, Taylor and his goons seemed to be having a bit of a party, there were bottles of alcohol scattered every, what looked like a loud video game or movie of some kind was playing on the TV as some of the guys drunkenly danced around the living room.
A few seconds into the footage, Taylor goes to answer the door only for two young cops to enter.
"Apparently one of my asshole neighbours filed a noise complaint. Now these two idiots here could've just served us the notice and moved on... but no, they wanted to do some dick swinging, prove they were real cops."
I looked on at the footage as one of the officers looked to be threatening Taylor, the pair getting into some kind of argument. Meanwhile the other cop walks off into the house.
"This fucker doesn't even have a warrant, but there he is snooping around my corridor. Well, when he came back he was asking all sorts of stupid questions about the door with the pin-lock on it"
"That's against fire code... blah blah blah... you'll need to open it for us" Taylor said in a mocking voice, impersonating the overly serious officer that had gone for an uninvited walk around his home.
We continued to watch the footage, seeing the guys getting into an increasingly heated argument with the two policemen. After a few seconds, one of the goons approaches the cop closest to the door from behind with a damp rag of some kind.
"That's the chloroform" Taylor adds
Upon seeing his colleague being attacked, the other officer draws his gun, but one of the guys knocks it out of his hands.
The gun spins around 180 degrees before landing on the ground, where it discharges.
It's not immediately clear in the footage what happens, but suddenly the officer who drew the gun in the first place collapses to the ground, his hands buried in his crotch as his face is awash with agony.
Taylor at this point simply cannot stop laughing while watching the footage
"BAM! Right in the dick! Dude got his junk blown off by his own gun, can you fucking believe it!?"
The cop laying in the bottom cage lets out another self-pitying moan.
Even I had to admit that there was something just a little bit funny in that sequence of events, I mean losing your dick had to be bad enough but there was definitely something extra ironic about losing it to your own weapon.
On the iPad screen in front of us, the gang drags off both the unconscious cop and the delirious unmanned cop down the hall toward the room. 

"Lucky for us we had some empty cages at the time so we had no issue containing two hot studs like these guys. And boy did they sell for a ridiculously high amount" Taylor winked.
"I'll tell you who still hasn't sold though" Taylor's voice suddenly turning stern as he shifted his attention to the two naked lads in the middle set of cages, "these shiftless bastards."
"Think you can run a trafficking business selling other guys but can't even manage to sell yourselves, pathetic!" Taylor yelled kicking at their cages making a loud rattling sound. 
Max and I were starting to get nervous, this punk was clearly a lot more psychotic than we'd first thought. Seeing him visibly angry was extremely unsettling.
"So.. uh Taylor, what's with these guys?" asked Max innocently, trying to distract him from his ranting tirade.
"Oh these two double-crossing fuckers?"
"They're a couple of rich frat boys from upstate that moved here to go to Amajor University. Thought they might be pretty handy y'know, gave us a bunch of pretty good leads for buyers and stuff, their wealthy backgrounds were definitely pretty helpful for the first six months or so."
"But then, these two idiots thought they could outplay us, didn't they?" Taylor yelled, aggressively knocking on their cages.
"Thought because they were rich, smart kids that they could outmaneuver us dumb city street kids and steal the business idea for themselves"
"We caught them a couple of days ago on the phone with some buyer, trying to sell these two cop assholes for top dollar."
Taylor then again whipped out the iPad, searching through security footage while continuing his monologue.
"So, we tied 'em up to a couple of chairs, tied a couple of bombs to their junk and let them figure things out between the two of them" 

A video started playing on the screen, two naked hunky frat boys were tied to wooden chairs in Taylor's open planned living area, surrounded by the rest of the gang taking photos and clearly mocking the pair. Two small devices could be seen resting under each of the guy's nutsacks as the pair squirmed trying desperately to break free of their restraints.
A few seconds in, Taylor hands both of them a small remote-control looking device, each with only two buttons.
Taylor explained to us "each little remote thing had a blue button and a yellow button. We told them if they both picked the yellow button it would blow the other guy's junk off, if they both pressed the blue button it would randomly save one of them and randomly blow up the other guy's junk."
At first the two guys on the screen seemed to refuse to take part in the gang's twisted game, but Taylor continued
"that's when we threatened to let Monster at both of their balls, and believe me, they knew how much more painful a process that would be."
"Smart Ryan here" he said, tapping on the top cage, "managed to talk Dave into both pressing the blue button so that it would be a fair game of chance, while correctly working out that a single yellow vote for 'blow of the other guy's nads' would over-ride a single blue vote for 'choose at random'."
Taylor began cracking up again "and dumb Dave here" he continued, chapping on the bottom cage "was dumb enough to fall for it." 
We watched on the screens as the two guys pressed down on two different buttons on their remotes, then suddenly in an explosive shower of gore, Dave's cock and balls erupted coating both his and Ryan's carefully sculpted torsos with chunks of his manhood. 
The video kept running as Dave passed out while two of Taylor's goons started to clean off Dave's pride and joy, first from the surrounding furniture and then from the two hapless hunks still tied to their respective chairs. 
Taylor then appeared from off-screen producing a small metal implement. He reached down between Ryan's hulking thigh muscles, discarding the now deactivated bomb and began sliding his soft cock meat into the caged tube, all the while Ryan sat frantically yelling into thin air while vigorously shaking his captive body desperately trying to break free of his restraints. But it was no use, and before Ryan knew it Taylor had successfully fitted the cage tightly around his cock.
With a *click* and a *snap* Taylor had both locked the cage on and snapped the key needed to open it in half, securing Ryan's fate. 
The stud was then carried kicking and screaming by his ex-gang members out of shot of the camera, while the still unconscious Dave was dragged along the floor of the apartment not far behind him. 

"These guys were a real treat the first couple of nights, weren't you boys?" Taylor continued "cried like babies- couldn't believe that this was happening to them" Taylor snickered.
"From rich boys to fuck toys" one of the other goons joked, eliciting laughter from the rest of them. 
"Hey that's actually a pretty good marketing tool, might use that line on a couple of buyers" Taylor mused. 
"Anyway, it was pretty good timing because capturing these two morons meant we only had two more cages to fill for us to be fully stocked, just in time for Valentine's Day, which is one of our busiest times of year."
Max, the classic dumb jock seemed weirdly intrigued by this and started to ask Taylor about Valentine's Day and why they were so busy then... the two became engrossed in conversation as I began to have a series of gut-wrenching thoughts as I stared at the two empty cages in front of us...

I looked behind me, two goons still blocking the doorway.
I looked behind Max, two goons leaning against the wall, barely two feet away from him.
I look down at the absent bulge in Max's crotch.
I looked down at the ample bulge in mine.
I gulped.

Interrupting Max and Taylor's conversation I blurted "Taylor, why are you telling us all of this stuff?"
Taylor simply smiled "well I always like my product to know what it's in for"
Suddenly the two goons leaning against the wall lunged at Max, one wielding a damp cloth I could only assume was soaked in chloroform.  
I bolted for the door, charging straight at the two young guys blocking my way. With sheer force, I somehow bowled them both over, breaking free into the hallway. I ran like I've never ran before down the short corridor, sliding into the main room of Taylor's apartment where it was a straight shot for the door.
Or at least it would be, if it weren't for Taylor's girlfriend standing in the way scrolling mindlessly on her phone. 
I kept running, swerving when I got to his girlfriend, barely 10 feet from the door.
Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks. All without even looking up from her phone, the girl struck her fist out like a cobra. Running at full force, my body collided balls first with the newly placed obstacle. My eyes bulged out from my head and my mouth formed the perfect 'o' as I tripped over her fist, tumbling to the ground.
This was all the time the two goons from before had needed to catch up with me, grabbing a hold of my legs. I desperately began to crawl in the direction of the door while the two guys kept a firm hold of my ankles. 
Eventually, the strain of two forces pulling in opposite directions caused my belt to give and my jeans were successfully ripped off, taking my shoes with them. From above, the two guys suddenly body-jumped me, landing on my back and pinning me to the ground. 
Taylor and the two goons who had jumped Max suddenly came racing around the corner. 
I felt someone taking off my socks, then suddenly I was flipped over onto my back. 
Someone started unbuttoning my shirt, while someone else in one quick movement yanked off my boxers. 
I squirmed on the floor, desperately trying to escape when suddenly my heart sank.

Amidst the struggle, I could feel something cold and metallic sliding over the head of my cock like a glove. Peering down I was terrified to see Taylor slowly beginning to affix a cage to my precious dick. I desperately tried to move my arms to grab at my crotch, but they were too heavily weighed down by two of the lads above me. I looked on in despair as the cold metal base of the cage reached the root of my fuckstick, watching on helplessly as Taylor reached into his pocket procuring a key. I threw my head back in defeat as Taylor's girlfriend watched on snapping a couple of pictures while snickering at my misfortune. 
I lay there bracing myself when
At that very moment, the door to the apartment burst open, a hunky naked stud with a powerfully erect cock barged in yelling "WHO'S READY FOR SOME REAL MAN, FUCKERS!?" before abruptly pausing upon seeing the scene before him, looking equally shocked as we all were at this turn of events.