Friday 2 October 2015

Dodge Balls

Matt sipped his bottle of water as he watched over some kids at his part time job at the local trampoline park. Matt was a young, handsome guy finishing up high school and saving to move out. Apart from work his favourite pastime was the gym. He was muscled up from shoulder to toe; firm abs, bulging biceps and pecs so well defined that his nipples and chest outline were firmly pressed against his tight work shirt as he sweated through this particularly hot summer’s night heat. Out the corner of his eye he noticed his manager Jared coming towards him as he looked after jumpers at the foam pit with a colleague.

“Hey buddy, how’s the shift going?” beamed the ever friendly Jared.

Matt detested how Jared always called him buddy he was 18 ffs.

“Yeah, alright thanks.” He answered politely. “How’s about you?”

“Not bad buddy!”, “Hey, seeing as we’ve got Sarah looking after foam pit at the moment and Heather down on the main court, would you mind maybe going to another area of the park?”

“Like where? We don’t need someone looking after basketball because Heather can see it from where she is and the dodgeball and toddler areas are closed off.”

“I hear you buddy, but we’ve got some of the regular guys wanting play a game of dodgeball down on that court. You wouldn’t mind opening it up for them would you?”

“Yeah, fair enough.”

With that Jared headed back up to help the reception team with their close and Matt went down to open up the dodgeball court.

Already waiting for him when he got there were 4 of the Tuesday night regulars- Michael, Tom, Jack and Danny. The four boys were slightly younger than Matt, they were all 16 except for Tom who was still 15. The guys knew Matt through the local gym and were similarly growing muscles. Whilst not as impressive as the older boy, the four all had a distinctly firmer build than most guys their age. They were very aware of this fact and weren’t afraid to show it; all four of them wearing loose fitting singlets exposing their powerful arms and half of their pecs along with tight fitting nylon shorts that stopped just above the knee.

“Is this it?” “I’m seriously opening up an entire closed off section for four people?” Matt thought to himself. He unenthusiastically swung open the barricade that had fenced the area off and hurled the guys some balls to throw around.

It was easy enough work for the most part, the boys mostly just self-refereed so Matt only had to intervene during disputes. After 20 minutes or so the boys got bored and were talking about heading elsewhere. Tom and Jack argued that they should head over to basketball to practice some slam dunks but Michael and Danny wanted to head over to the foam pit, predominantly because they were keen to hit on the beautiful Sarah who was watching over that area. The guys stood around just off the court discussing where they should go and were about to leave for the foam pit when a group of 6 slightly younger girls turned up.

“Hey, can we play?” chirped one.

“Great!” thought Matt, just when he was about to close it all off again.

“You sure can sweetie!” He smiled back. “You boys hanging around or heading off?”

The guys considered staying, before Jack concluded “one last round?” to nods of approval from the rest of the group.

Matt separated them into boys v girls, reasoning that the 4 older boys would be a fair match to 6 of the younger girls.

“Hey Matt! No fair, they’ve got a bigger team!” yelled Danny from across the court.

“Chill dude! Do you really think we’re gonna get beaten by a bunch of little girls?” snapped back Michael.

“Yeah man, got no balls or something?” added back Tom to a round of laughter from both teams.

Once all the players were lying down Matt began to count down the game.

“3, 2, 1 Dodgeball!” He shouted as he released the balls into the air.

Within a minute, half of the girls team had been wiped out and were standing on the sides watching the rest of their team mates losing badly. Of the 3 girls left, one had just been fortunate, the other was an impressive dodger whilst the final one had staggeringly good aim. She had almost gotten each of the boys out on several occasions and had actually hit both Michael and Jack but they had managed to slyly argue their way out of it.

The dodger got knocked out when she tried to catch one of Danny’s shots on the full but fumbled it, leaving only the rather untalented girl and the aimer in the game. The guys had begun to throw pity shots knowing that they already had the game in the bag. All they had to do now was to get two girls with no dodging skills out and then they could finally head up to the foam pit.

Getting impatient with the pace of the game, Jack picked up a ball and hurled it with force at one of the girls. It narrowly missed and the girl moved right back to the entrance to the court just a couple of metres from the rest of her out teammates. Jack picked up another ball and threw this one much harder, again it missed but unfortunately for Matt it went flying back behind the girl and landed dead into the bulge in his shorts.

Matt had seen the ball flying past the girl in slow motion and his heart had sunk the moment his brain calculated that the speed of the object was so fast that he wouldn’t be able to shield his precious baby makers from the impact of the hit.

He let out a low groan and his mouth formed the perfect “o” as his eyed bulged out and his hands instinctively cupped his groin. Matt sunk to his knees and toppled over sideways as the pain from his loins began to radiate to his stomach.

Jack immediately began uttering out apologies as he and the other guys winced with a couple doing sympathetic clutches of their own groins. But when it became clear that Matt wasn’t responding to Jack’s attempts at apologising, Danny used the confusion of the 13-something girls to his advantage by picking up another ball and finally getting out the second last of the girls’ team.

The only girl that was left now was the girl simply referred to as “aimer”. “Aimer” watched with horror as she realised she was the only girl left facing the strong, powerful boys only a few metres away from her. She glanced over to her friends with somewhat pleading eyes hoping for inspiration. And boy did she find it, but not from her friends, from seeing the sight of the crippled Matt. She and her friends had spent a deal of time before coming to dodgeball talking about how hot he was and just how big and strong his muscles must have been (to be honest, that was the only reason they had come over to dodgeball), and well, if a swift knock to the balls had been all that it took to get him to the ground and sobbing then it mustn’t take that much to get the other boys out either right? A wicked grin shot across her face as she grabbed up a second ball to the one she was already holding.

Aimer had noticed throughout the game that Tom’s big trick was leaping up into the air and catching balls on the full to get people out; all she need was for him to narrowly miss it…

She threw the first of her balls high up in Tom’s direction. Predictably, he leapt up on his trampoline to catch it. His hands went searching for the ball coming at him, but he narrowly missed it- it was just that bit too high! On his way down he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his groin as another carefully placed dodgeball went flying into his nuts. As his hands had been in the air, there was no way he could have protected his package. His facial reaction was much the same as Matt’s had been as his hands grabbed his crotch and plummeted down onto the trampoline below him knocking the 15 year old stud out of action.

The other boys winced instinctively as they watched their friend desperately trying to soothe his battered balls. This distraction was just the thing “aimer” needed to get another of the boys out. Standing closest to her was Danny, his body facing forwards but his head turned back to see what had just happened to Tom. Aimer picked up another ball and threw it straight at Danny’s goodies.

Danny’s neck jolted and he let out a low groan as he suddenly felt the force of being hit at less than 3 metres distance in the balls. He collapsed to the ground almost instantaneously and his hand reached through the fly of his shorts and then disappeared into his boxers to handle his bruised package.

Turning around, Michael and Jack had begun to realise what the girl was trying to do. They both shielded their groins with a free hand and raced to pick up dodgeballs with the other.

Michael through one his balls with force, but it narrowly missed the girl. Jack however had a better shot and sent one flying straight for her. “Aimer” knew she was about to get out, so she through her hands forward in an attempt to stop the ball from hitting her in the face. Jack and Michael were almost ready to celebrate victory when the unthinkable happened. Aimer had managed to do what no-one on her team had been able to do all match. She caught the ball, on the full- Jack was out.

Michael was livid. “You fucking idiot!” he yelled at his friend.

Enraged, Michael grasped his second ball and threw it straight into Jack’s unprotected groin. Cupping his balls and sinking to the floor Jack coarsely yelled out (in soprano) “Dude! What the fuck was that for?”

“For being such a dick and a crappy player! Watch how a pro does it!” Michael retorted.

He picked up the ball he had just used to hit his friend in the sac and threw it across the court at the other girl. She dodged the well placed ball by what must have been a fraction of a millimetre as it went flying straight past her arm. Ball after ball was hurled at aimer, but none seemed to quite catch her. After a period of time that seemed like forever to Michael he finally decided he’d have to bend the rules a little to win.

Grabbing a spare dodgeball he bolted across the midway line and cornered aimer on her side of the court.

“Hey! You have to stay on your side” she screamed.

“Yeah? Stop me!” he said as he lunged towards her getting ready to throw his ball.

Aimer had other plans though, she threw her own dodgeball that hit Michael square in the stomach. The force of being hit in mid-air sent him crashing down on top of Aimer pinning her up against the side of the court, his stomach roughly at her eye level.

“Get off me!” she yelled.

Michael refused. He wasn’t going to be beaten by a 13 year old girl.

“Get off me!” she screamed louder this time “or I’ll make you regret it!”

“Try me!” said Michael as he pushed her further into the side walls of the court.

“Sorry, but you asked for this!” she said as he swung her fist forward and connected straight with Michael’s right nut. His eyes almost burst through his head as he felt the searing pain coming from his crotch. But Aimer wasn’t done yet, she grabbed both his bollocks in her and began to squeeze them and drag him by his balls down to the floor.

She took a curious satisfaction in all the grunting and moaning he was doing as she continued to ruin the stud’s balls in her own hands.

“Oh my God! Please let go of my fucking balls!!!” he wailed as the pain became too intense for him to bear. But Aimer showed no remorse, squeezing and pulling until finally Michael was resting on the floor, his meaty legs spasming and his washboard abs tensing as he lay there sobbing and clutching his balls all teary eyed and defeated.

The girls cheered Aimer once they realised that they had defeated all of the older boys, and funniest of all; they’d done it by targeting the very things that the boys thought made them big and strong- this was their manhood, their pride and joy and all it had taken was a few soft bumps from a dodgeball to send them crashing to the floor, whimpering in pain. All “Aimer” could think of was how she couldn’t wait to try this out on all the boys at school during their next PE lesson.

The girls left the court giggling and laughing leaving the sobbing wreck of teenage boys behind them as they soothed their battered pride…